Monday, June 11, 2012

Our World Tuesday - Week 42

We arrived back in Vancouver yesterday afternoon, after spending a week in Victoria (British Columbia).  There will be more posts to follow this week, but for now, here are some photos to give you a taste of a week jam-packed with stimulating experiences.

We were staying a two-minute walk away from Beacon Hill Park, one of Canada's most beautiful treasures.  
Bill and Black Jack behind the long grass in a "wilder" section of the park.
House Finch
Seagulls arranged "just so" on a car roof in the park.
A Brown Creeper

A Blue Heron bringing a stick to the nest
Another stick arrival
Stepping smartly to the nest with yet another stick.
A peacock sitting in a tree.
A close-up of the end of a peacock's tail feathers. 
A peacock's lovely face and head crest.
This peacock arranged his feathers in a skirt around him.
A pretty Pea Hen.
Feather close-up.
Another feather close-up.
Blue Iris with a spider thread
We biked around the park one day.  I had forgotten Black Jack's basket that fits on the front of my bike, but Bill saved the day by figuring out that she could ride in his crate.  I rode behind and watched her carefully, worried that she would jump out when she saw a squirrel.  Jean, if you are reading this, I really appreciated your link to dog helmets.  We're thinking about it although I worry at least as much about injuries to her legs and back, should she ever jump.  Let's just say we are very, very cautious!
We had some cool days and quite a bit of wind, so we wrapped Black Jack in a towel.  It served the double duty, I hoped, of discouraging her from jumping. 
Behind that fence is the petting zoo, and Black Jack could not take her gaze away, even for a second.   
Many more pictures of farm animals coming, but for now, just two pygmy goats, one of them being naughty as he climbed on top of his sister.
Black Jack led me to the petting zoo EVERY single day, and usually at least twice per walk.  I made a small donation and took her in twice, but sometimes, it was closed.  I had a hard time explaining that concept to her.
We walked up this little hill every day.
I'm saving the sky shots for Friday's post, but it was a thrill for me every time I looked over the crest of the hill... 
to the ocean.

We walked many times through this beautiful property, as it led us to many of Victoria's charming downtown attractions.  Here are a few sights that caught my eye.  
A caterpillar on the sidewalk.  (Kind Bill moved it into the grass right after the photo.)
Wild rose.
Another wild rose.
The building, once a school, but now a government office.
One of the steeples.
Bill's shadow making me laugh as I try to photograph
some information about Reverend Modeste Demers.

This beautiful seaside community is just a short drive from Victoria.  Again, it was a windy day, but the sun came out and we enjoyed walking along the rocks by the water.  
I yearn to own a little boat like this and we joked that it must have been abandoned.

Blue Heron watching..
for its next meal.  Success!
Seagull flying away with lunch.
Town Centre - Oak Bay.
 McPherson Playhouse, where we saw and very much enjoyed "Arms and The Man" by George Bernard Shaw.  One funny little event.  We were in the front row, and a pillow rolled off the bed (parT of the set), all the way down stage and almost into my arms.  I tried to catch it, but it bounced off my hands, and into a space at the front of the stage where it couldn't be reached.  Bill felt that was a good thing, as I would have had the dilemma of deciding whether or not to throw the pillow back.

The entrance to Victoria's Chinatown (just around the corner from the theatre).
A sculpture outside the theatre.
Close-up of a section of the sculpture 
The sculpture as it looked after dark. 
The Parliament Buildings at night. 
A flag outside the parliament buildings, in honour of the Queen's Jubilee
My blogging time has to be cut short for a very important reason. Bill's birthday is tomorrow, and we are meeting friends for a celebration supper in honour of that event. I will continue tomorrow with more information about that sculpture and the rest of our trip. In the meantime, here is a picture of the hanging basket at Bill's sister's house.  It seems to reflect the energy, happiness and just plain zest for life that is Phyllis!  I am so grateful to her and to Barrie for offering their house so generously.  Until tomorrow!
To learn about the happenings of people around the world, do check out Our World Tuesday.  You won't be sorry!


  1. Great tour of Victoria!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Please wish Bill a very happy birthday from me, Carol! I haven’t been to Victoria for quite some time and really enjoyed this photographic journey with you three. Black Jack looks cozy in the crate and a bit perplexed at seeing a door she could not enter. So many interesting sights but if I were to pick a couple of favorites it is the seagull bookends on the roof of the car and the lovely twinkling lights on the parliament buildings at night. As always look forward to more soon. :)

  3. Wow! Way too many great photos to comment on them all -- the two sea gulls , the bright pink wild rose, the capitol buildings lit up. Such a great array. Oh just looked back at Penelope's comment and I guess we agree.

  4. marvelous series! i love the closeup shots of peacock--i have never seen a peacock in real life.:p

  5. What a great set of photos. Favourites have to be the heron building the nest such terrific shots. Also enjoyed the Flags outside Parliament celebrating the Queen's jubilee - first I've seen outside Britain so thank-you.

  6. WOW!!Thanks for taking us to Victoria with your great tour.Really enjoyed your shots.Have a greatday!!


  7. So many beautiful things and creatures. Thank's for sharing..

    Visiting for Our World Tuesday- hope you can stop by:)

  8. Wonderful sequence of varied shots. I enjoyed all of them. The seagulls arranged just so were such a hoot.

  9. Beautiful birds and flowers all around the place.

  10. Wonderful series Carol...I never go into town so you showed me new things!! Great shots of this area and you did go to a lot of places. cheers.

  11. A week in Victoria! I do envy you, - such a lovely city and your pictures portray it beautifully.

  12. Ohhhh!! I would love a card with the Blackjack and Bill team at the beginning of this post!! I think it particularly good of both of them! I am so happy that you had a good time in Victoria!!! Phyllis

  13. Hi there - nice to see a different Victoria!

    Off all the pictures I like the gulls on the car the best - they really are arranged "just so".

    If I ever tire of seeing platypus in the wild it will be a sad day. We had distant by good views via a telescope.

    Stewart M