Thursday, January 29, 2015

Good Fences Lately

I've missed the past two weeks of TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme so it's a bit of a catch-up today.  Thanks so much, Theresa.  Such a fun project!

This is a strange little iron fence discovered only a few days ago in a stream in Olympic Village Park near the Cambie Bridge.  I haven't quite figured out its purpose.
 We viewed the fence in the photo above from this little bridge.  Black Jack was dancing for her Bill, as she so often does :)
 I love these little bridges with gently curving fences.
 This is close by.  Sometimes I think about the people whose houses border the parks.  I guess they have to show the dividing lines somehow.  Hopefully, their attitude is one of appreciation for living by such beauty, but at times, I imagine they must prefer the rainy days when there are less visitors about.
 This was taken at The Orpheum..
 when we attended a concert a couple of weeks ago.
 I never get tired of looking up at the balconies from the foyer.
 One of the plainer ones, with photographs of stars from former days behind it.
 Loved the lighting from inside the theatre as well.
 Looking up at the balconies behind us.
 We're at Stanley Park here.  You can see a tiny bit of the seawall at your left.  Bill brought my attention to the beautiful curve in this fence.
The ramp to the Rowing Club building often has..
 interesting reflections.
 Another of those scenes that draw me in, time and time again.
We stopped along Coal Harbour to admire the sunset during a bike ride few days ago.
 We're back at Olympic Village Park again, by the little dog run. 
 Not a beautiful fence but it keeps the dogs safe..
 and they sure seem to have a lot of fun behind it.
 A reflection of the fence looking over the stream across the path from the dog run.
 This is a balcony fence on a high-rise near our apartment. 
This was taken on a rainy-day downtown Vancouver walk to the waterfront.
Took this two days ago in Stanley Park.  The sun was catching reflections that showed of the interesting features of the Rowing Club building (told you I never tire of it) rather nicely.
 From the same vantage point, looking to the left gave a view of the Stanley Park seawall.
 We walked around the park and discovered this little lookout over a stream.  Bill and Black Jack did what people and dogs do when there is a fence :)
 Places to go and things to see.
 Same fence with a beautiful fallen tree admired as we looked to our right.
That's it for today.  Thanks for stopping by!  Check out that Good Fences meme.  There is something about Theresa that brings not only good fences but good people together.


  1. just gorgeous reflections, again! lots of bridges, railings, balconies, piers! love the grand balcony and columns! wow! the rowing club photo is VERY cool!

  2. WOW" You have excelled your self this post with such a vast array of fences adn of course BAlck Jack gets into some of them.

  3. Hello Carol, I love the pretty reflections and the cute shots of Black Jack! You have captured many fences for your post..The sunset looks beautiful too. Wonderful post, have a great evening..

  4. So many wonderful photos here today. I enjoyed them all. The Orpheum is amazing.
    Loved the shot of Jack by the fence, the one of the gull on the balcony fence and the pretty reflections of the fences in the water.

  5. A great collection of fences! You made up for any weeks missed! Love the pups.

  6. Boy, you've got a lot of different sorts of fences out there!

  7. Go dog go! How fun, each photo was like a mini-vacation for me. Very nice.

  8. Quite an eclectic grouping you fit all into one post! Very enjoyable....

  9. Lots of lovely fences and reflections in this post! You are so fortunate to live in Vancouver with it's temperate climate. Visiting from NB for Good Fences. Have a lovely weekend. Pam

  10. wow you have a great selection of fences