Friday, January 30, 2015

The letter "C"

I am once more a Couple of days late to post to ABC Wednesday's alphabet meme.  Many thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt, who started the meme over seven years ago.  Her photos and Commentary for the letter "C" today are well worth a visit.  She is kept great Company by a fine team of volunteers as well.  My fervent thanks goes to each one of them!

My Contribution today will include a few new and/or amusing "C" words, a musical reference, an art reference, and a little about our Convivial Constitutionals.

Here are the words that amused me:
1. claptrap: showy language designed to gain praise
2. clinomania: excessive desire to stay in bed.
3. clinophobia: fear of staying in bed
4. cockamamie: ridiculous
5. cowcat: person whose function is to occupy space
6. crapehanger: pessimist
7. curiology: picture-writing (I am Curious about this one.  Note to self.  Must get more info.)
8. cynanthropy: pathological belief that one is a dog

The musical reference is about Franco Corelli (1921-2003).  In the video below, Luciano Pavarotti speaks of his huge admiration for this Charismatic singer with the voice that Commanded respect from opera lovers everywhere.    
The Calibre of Corelli's talent is  Clear in his performance of the Flower aria from Carmen.
During a recent outing to Stanley Park, I saw lots of "C" shapes.  I rotated the photo of two boats with reflections,
and even the folds in this boat Cover..
formed a Convoluted "C" shape. 
It was not a bright day, but there were Copious opportunities for photography.
It was impossible to Curb my enthusiasm for reflection shots,
but I promise you, I've tried my best to Curtail the number of them to.. 
within the realm of Common sense.
I took this moon shot yesterday near the Cambie Bridge.  
My Conflict was to figure out a way to get both the tree branches and the moon in focus, but finally Conceded that wasn't going to be possible.
I didn't use the word "Convivial" lightly in my introduction. Bill brings good Cheer..      
to every outing.  He has a sense of Comedy..
and Capriciousness that I love.
Though we have visited that park many times, our Circumambulating..
had never brought this hopscotch game into our Consciousness. 
What a fun surprise and Bill was up to the Challenge! 
Black Jack was Contented to Check out a new perspective from the safety of Bill's arms.
The Cerulean skies brought a feeling of being on Cloud Nine.
On the way home, we stopped to take a photo of these Compelling Inukshuks.  I've saved a lot of photos from our outings, some for an "Orange You Glad It's Friday" post, and many for Eileen's "Saturday's Critters" meme.  Wish me luck in Catching up!
The artist I have Chosen to highlight is Frederick Simpson Coburn.  I found this picture of his painting, "The Country Doctor" in a book of Canadian art at Harrison Galleries.

Tonight, we are off to an event at Vancouver Art Gallery.  There are lots of  "C's" in the description of the evening at the gallery's web site:

Artists from the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival descend upon the Gallery for an unforgettable evening of interdisciplinary performances set amidst the Chinese contemporary art in Unscrolled and the legacy of Emily Carr in Landon Mackenzie's Wood Chopper and the Monkey. Take out a selection from the Human Library, experience an interactive installation by Hong Kong Exile and listen to the lyrical stylings of Sonic Elder before heading to the Courtroom Bars. 

Wishing you a Colossally Chimerical day.  Many, many thanks for stopping by!


  1. i only knew one of those words. :) goofy bill. :) lovely reflections!!

  2. I love the hopscotching Bill, Pavarotti, Corelli and the many new "C" words. I would love to go to the art gallery with you but will be content with hearing six violists (!!!!) and a pianist at a fund raising concert ce soir!! Hugs, Phyllis

  3. I enjoyed your entertaining post. A neat collection of unusual words.


  4. Missed you.
    I came to love music later in life and Pavarotti had a large part in developing my musical ear. I think I missed Franco Corelli along the way, so was very glad to hear and see this. I will Google him and further my education. Speaking of Googling, have you seen or heard of the King's Singers? -- an acapella sextet, begun in 1968 from the choir school of King's College, London. They were my greatest teachers. I've had a long history of following and learning from them.They don't visit the west coast much any more but I'm still on their mailing list and own every CD, video and before that, tape, they ever made.

  5. Hello Carol, I enjoyed your "C" post and images.. The reflections are pretty and I love the moon shots.. It is cute seeing Bill hopping around with Black Jack in his arms.. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Hello Carol,
    Another interesting account of your daily peregrinations and such wonderful snapshots.
    I like the images of Bill bobbing around with Black Jack neatly tucked under his arm, not looking at all perturbed at his master's jig... what a fab little doggie she is, she certainly has a fun packed life with her two zany owners' Great stuff.
    I am a fan of Pavarotti, but must confess, Placido Domingo has been my all time, favourite
    tenor, although as he ages his voice is more like a silky baritone. I used to enjoy his Masterclass programme on the TV,
    Going back in time I loved Beniamino Gigli and his lifelong friend, baritone, Giuseppe de Lucca, performing the famed duet from Bizet's Pearl Fishers.
    A golden moment in my life when my opera mad cousin introduced me to opera when I was about thirteen!
    The painting of the horse drawn sleigh from the gallery is enchanting, I love it.....
    Thank you again for sharing your 'moments' with us.
    Best wishes to you, Bill and Black Jack,
    ABCW team.

  7. I've used the word cockamamie before--it's fun to say. You find the greatest shapes for letters, I've got to keep my eye open for these. Looks like a fun adventure for sure.

  8. My mamaw used to use the word cockamamie :)