Sunday, January 4, 2015

Warm Gestures on Blue Monday

We walk or bike by The Grace Building at 499 Drake Street just about every day.  The Christmas lights in front of it are simple but they lend a warmth to the atmosphere that I always enjoy.  Since they contain some blue, and since they will most likely be taken down in the next few days, I'll share them with Sally's Blue Monday meme today, with many thanks to her for hosting.  If you have any photos with even a tiny bit of the colour blue, this would be a great time to visit her meme.  I missed a couple of weeks and am sad to discover that she has been seriously ill though there isn't a word of complaint from her.  In fact, she is celebrating the colour blue more than ever.  You are sure in my thoughts, Sally!
From that same corner along Drake Street, we could see the tree in the distance that Bill and I have enjoyed for a few years.  Last New Year's Eve, we stood in front of it with some friendly young people whose hope for the new year was world peace.  Well, the world didn't come close to achieving that this year, but I hope those young people haven't given up.  I haven't.  Reaching out, as those youth did is something I've never forgotten.  Every gesture that brings us closer to understanding and respecting the world and its inhabitants is a move in the right direction.  
Speaking of creating warmth, Jennifer's latest drawing (outlined in blue) on the welcome sign outside the front door at Harrison Galleries Buzz Café made me smile, especially after a rather chilly walk in pouring rain to get there.
Even the birds wanted to be indoors today.  This one was sitting in the planter on the landing at the top of the steps to our building, chirping up a storm.  There is a kind of dividing wall at the side of that landing with openings to the sky.  I'm hoping you can see a bit of a blue tinge..
through the openings.
We passed by Kaarigar today on our way to Harrison's.  Perhaps some of you remember the beautiful shop that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago .  Alnasir Khan, the owner, had suggested we come in because he wanted to tie a Mauli thread around my wrist and around Bill's too.  He explained that the Mauli is a sacred Hindu thread to bring us luck and keep us safe.  He had the thread blessed by a priest when he was in India. 
As we sat at Harrison's, doing our crossword and enjoying our treats (and the warmth!), I thought about the significance of our new Mauli threads.
Alnasir's gesture had warmed our hearts and given us a small glimpse into one of the traditions of his culture.
Thank you, Alnasir!  Thank you, also, to Jennifer at Harrison's and to each person who..
reached out with warmth today.  I think we felt just a little safer and sort of special and I'm guessing Black Jack picked up on that feeling too.  Have a very happy Monday, everyone. 


  1. Lovely post, Carol. I hope the young people do not give up hope on World Peace. It is a wish of mine too. I enjoyed the pretty Christmas lights, at night they are truly beautiful. Today is a cold windy day here, good to be inside with a cup of hot coffee. I love your cute Black Jack! Have a happy day and week ahead!

  2. love those snuggled in black jack shots. and always love the placards that harrison galleries designs. so cool! (in this case, warm...) i like your blue tree, too.

  3. Thank you, Carol. Your kind words mean the world to us here at Kaarigar Handicrafts. It is always a pleasure to see Black Jack, Bill and yourself.

  4. I love the picture of your hands with the orange mauli on your wrists. What a lovely idea for the world. Hugs, Phyllis

  5. Hi Carol,

    I sure appreciate your kind words. And, yes, I spotted the blue.

    Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  6. Such a lovely gesture by Mr. Khan of Kaarigar Handicrafts, and one that I appreciate very much. Through your travels and your blog, you, Bill and Blackjack have discovered a friendly village both real and virtual.

  7. Nice warm post! Black Jack looks very handsome.

  8. You have such varied and art-filled posts, but I'm always a sucker for the latest Black Jack photos. She is such a darling and gentle soul, looking so cozy in Bill's arms or bike basket! I'm with you ~ I like a fresh start every day! You posed an interesting question on the behavior of geniuses! I think that some of their behaviors are not deliberate. I really think that their minds are very different, and they may have trouble relating to more normal people. They may be brilliant, but they may be much less so in emotional intelligence. The Hindu thread custom is lovely! Have a happy day!

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