Friday, January 9, 2015

Warm Oranges and A Sign of Hope

It's Friday.  As I sit looking through my photos for Maria's meme, Orange You Glad it's Friday (thank you so much, Maria!), my thoughts and fears rest with the people  in and near Paris.  Powerless to change that situation, I will focus on a bright spot in my day yesterday.  As I locked up my bike on Broadway Street when I arrived for my dental check-up, an elderly hijab-clad passenger in a car parked beside the bike stand touched her head in a gesture towards me that I didn't quite understand.  I thought perhaps she felt my bike was too close to her car, or perhaps she wanted to tell me to turn my helmet light off, but since I couldn't be sure of that, I smiled and gave her a small wave.  I wish you could have seen how her face beamed in response.  She waved at me then, and again as I finished locking the bike and gathered my things, her smile so bright and radiating such warmth, it continues to light up my thoughts as I tell you about it.  A sign of hope that I cling to determinedly.

As for the photos, this one taken from the pages of a book at Harrison Galleries.  I'm so sorry I can't seem to identify the painter but will try to update.
These next two are paintings on the wall at Harrison Galleries: "Up the Trail" by Kiff Holland..
and "Scout Island" by OLAF.
Lastly, all photos taken yesterday after the dentist appointment (that went well) when Bill, Black Jack and I walked along False Creek and then up Smithe Street to the gallery.

Reflections in False Creek..
shifted quickly, with the wavy stripe second to the right..
taking on a human form in my eyes.
Walkers and joggers on the paths, with Science World..
 twinkling through the fog in the background,
 and a lone skateboarder getting right back up after a nasty fall.
 More lights through the fog as we walked up the street,
and  a light on a tree in the lane behind our building.
Finally, a few vegetables taken at the grocery store
conclude my orange post for this week.  Many thanks to each one of you.  Wishing you some peace and some warm moments as you go about your day. 


  1. the paintings flowed straight into your reflection shots which were works of art, too. :)

  2. I love this post.... so full of warmth and light following the horrendous events in Paris and the blow against freedom of the press. Phyllis

  3. Lots of orange highlights in your photos this week.

  4. Hi Carol! Thanks for your comment on the tragedies playing out in Paris. It's senseless, but it's good to see people around the world supporting the French. The elderly lady was probably glad that your smile and wave for two reasons. She was Muslim and she was elderly. I always try to remember to give elderly people a big smile, because so often they are ignored or treated as irrelevant. Loved your splashes of orange in so many photos. You could paint one of your beautiful reflections, and it would be abstract art! I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes photos in my grocery store! Have a happy weekend with Bill and Black Jack!

  5. You get such an interesting bunch of pictures out there with the city lights, colours, and the water for reflections!

  6. Love this post - hard to choose my favourite from among the many wonderful photos. The reflections in False Creek....the twinkling lights through fog (at first I thought those were snowflakes coming down!)....the light on the tree....the veggies.... beautiful shots.

  7. Hello Carol! I love the paintings, especially the second painting.. And your reflection captures are beautiful as well.. Lovely captures of the color, I was just reminded I have oranges in the refrigerator. YUM! Have a happy Saturday!

  8. Lovely series, glad you had a positive encounter! Happy 2015 still♪

  9. I enjoyed the pictures that you have posted here they are all very touching and remind us to notice the everyday beauty that surround us ( which at so many times we pass without noticing)