Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lots of Critters

I'm one day late to post to Eileen's critter meme, but better late than never.  Thanks, Eileen, for your wonderful critter shots and for giving the rest of us a great place to share ours.  

Oh Friday, the pigeons at Granville Island were flying busily about as usual, 
and a gentleman was feeding them grain.  A little boy with him was learning..
to treat them gently.
They are beautiful birds.
A dog was tied up near the market.
She looked intently in the direction where she expected..
to see her human return.  Her collar suggested to me that she was most likely a she :)
When I returned home from Granville Island, Bill was contemplating a bike ride to Beaver Lake at Stanley Park.  That was just the little push I needed to ride a bit further than our rides of late, and to tackle a hill that always seems to make me huff and puff.  I sure was happy that we did that.  The sparrows.. 
and the Black-capped Chickadees were very active..
and Bill spotted this Blue Heron far out in the pond.
This gentleman Wood Duck came to the edge of the pond, 
with his lovely lady close behind.
The beaver's home seemed to have risen out of the pond.
This is one of two small lookouts where people can view the lake.  The lily pads have disappeared and the water seems to be flowing a bit more freely.  I'm not sure if that is just the lake's (it's really more like a small pond) winter-time look, or whether the plan to save it from drying up has finally gone into action.
Bill and Black Jack sat for a moment on the bench,
We were both amused by Black Jack's intense..
interest in the world behind that park bench.  
So many squirrels.
  So many hiding places.
The Mallards flew to the fellow in yellow :) to get their treats as soon as he arrived.
We saw just one Stellar Jay.  It would be hard find a more beautiful shade of blue.
Bill managed to hold Black Jack and feed the birds simultaneously.
This little bridge is a traditional feeding spot and we had come prepared with some..
raw, unsalted peanuts.
Darkness was falling and action shots weren't really possible, but I sure had fun trying :)
A lady we had met several weeks ago was there with a large supply of seeds and nuts,
and this little guy appeared to be inhaling them.
One Chickadee ate, while the..
second in line waited to take over as soon as the first..
flew off.  Very efficient system. 
This little Douglas Squirrel jumped easily from under the bridge..
to the railing.  The Stellar Jay didn't look entirely impressed but, in spite of a rather..
indignant expression in his eyes, was probably too full to consider a challenge.
The Towhees flitted about in the trees and on the ground, mostly avoiding the fence.
Loved this little one.
I wasn't sure what this was.  My eyes could barely discern the fine threads as evening fell, but the camera finally found a focus on the top section (that looked like a Cat's Cradle),
and then the lower section (that looked like a hammock) to me. Bill said he was pretty sure it was a spider web :) 
Black Jack loved her walk around the lake.  We have stopped her indoor ball games and and her outdoor free runs lately as she came up lame about a week or so ago with a luxated patella issue that hasn't reared its ugly head for years.  Thanks for a suggestion some time ago, Theresa.  I knew about her condition though its symptoms had all but disappeared, and have been giving her a natural supplement almost since the day I brought her home, but had to change the brand as the one I was using is no longer sold in Vancouver.  I'm wondering if the one I've substituted is not serving her as well, or whether it is simply time to be a bit more careful with the way she gets her exercise as she nears the age of 10 (how could that possibly be!!).  Anyhow, she has stopped limping and is full of energy, so we see that as a very good sign!  Many thanks to all for visiting.  And a very happy Sunday to each one of you.  Take a trip, why don't you, over to Eileen's meme.  As Black Jack would say, "So many critters and so little time!"  :) 


  1. glad little girl is doing better! i never know for sure if the supplements i give make a difference or not. my two oldest are 11 now and they both have their aches and issues. :)

    lovely ducks, birds, adorable squirrels and cute black jack. can hardly believe those chickadees are daring enough to eat from bill's hand with black jack resting in the other!

  2. I enjoyed this post so much, especially all the different birds you get and how much Black Jack enjoyed his time out.

  3. Hello Carol, what a great critter post.. I love all the birds, ducks and the cute doggie.. The Chestnut-backed Chickadee is a cutie... And Black Jack is always a star of your posts.. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  4. So many beautiful and sweet critters! :) Great post. :)

  5. The Stellar Jay picture should be sent to a competition! The best "critter" for me is Bill! :) Hugs, Phyllis

  6. Sweet bird pictures, Carol, and the web cradle a bit of fairy magic in the forest. I am glad Black Jack is better and was interested to learn about luxated patella. I do not recall hearing about this before and wonder if this is what my pet (who has since passed away from old age) suffered from on rare occasions. The condition improved over time on its own but I am sorry to think I could have helped him more and sooner.

  7. The pigeons have beautiful wings; I really like your captures of them with their wings outstretched. The jay has very nice coloring. I don't recall ever seeing a jay like must be too long since I've lived in the Pacific NW! It is very neat to see the various birds that will eat out of people's hands. I've had chickens eat out of my hand, but that is about it! The spider web is beautiful!