Saturday, January 24, 2009


This observation is not exactly an earth-shattering revelation, but in the interests of recording the mundane workings of my mind, I will comment on the letter "B".  Up until recently, no letter of the alphabet stood out for me.  Or perhaps, if there was one, it might be the letter "C" which begins both my family and my given name.  Then, Bill and Black Jack came into my life, and I was inspired to record life events and thoughts in a blog.  As I took pictures a couple of days ago, I saw "B" potential in many of them.  If you keep things really simple and uncomplicated by scientific accuracy, you many identify at least one B in each of these pictures.
There are many of these constructions around the school property.  Here are two of them.

Taken from the back of the school, during a rare sun moment in the midst of almost constant fog.
Also taken at the back of the school, looking down at the rocks along the shoreline.
Looking across the little river at the side of the school.
These eagles are far across the water, and my best picture of them is still a few posts ago (same link as for the picture below it).  But to update on their activities, one is coming in here, perhaps with food or nesting material for its mate?  I don't know where their nest is, but hope it's not at the top of this boat.  Or could it be that this boat is permanently docked?  I haven't seen it move from this position yet.
I'm becoming convinced that there are actually Osprey in this nest.  Dorin apparently agrees with me that it could be possible, although I'll need better photos to confirm.
I was watching many of these ducks a few days ago.  It was cold and most of them had their heads tucked under their wings.  They looked almost headless, or perhaps like someone with a mohawk haircut, viewed from the back.  I googled to see if I could identify them, but a precursory search did not yield conclusive results.  Does anyone know what they are?
Pretty ducks in the next two.

And a small story in the next four.  This crow spots something and warns others. with a show of cocky attitude, not to approach.  Remember, the B factor requires an unscientific approach.  Sorry the pics are so poor.  Fog, fog, and more fog!
It goes for the target.
Another crow considers a challenge.
The first crow retreats to enjoy its....  no, not a "B"..  a...   double "C" Candy Cane.  (I wish people would put their trash where it belongs, although I admit, the crows are very good at fishing in the bins.)
On the way to school, taking the seabus.  Lots of B's here.
Do you see any B's in the next two?

Now, here's a real challenge.  Bet you can't find the B in this one:)
So, for those of you who are willing to take a moment from your busy days, and only if you feel like it, how many B's are there in these pictures?


  1. I saw lots of Boats, Birds and Bark. I love the Bird photos. Bonza Blogging!

  2. Many Bs, but no bees. Books, bikes, benches, birds, beaks, birches, buds, birdhouses (second one is a work of art), blue sky, boulders, boots, brunettes, blonds...

    I don't know what kind of ducks those are, but they are cute!