Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How many ways?

When I began taking pictures of the Lions Gate, I couldn't have imagined I would still be discovering new ways of looking at it, all these months later.  This looks down the path going under the bridge.
This taken from almost the same spot, but looking up.Looking down from the middle of the bridge.  White specs in the sand.  My fingers could only endure a couple of minutes of gloves off time.  Suspect tucking the head under isn't much of a help warming up.  .
Very few of them were flying. I wonder if they warm up as we do with physical exertion.  Seems to me, if I were a seagull, and had all that great flying power, I'd head South.  Now I'm wondering, over a lifetime, how far most of them roam from the spot where they were born.  

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