Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday forest walk

Black Jack and I had a great walk in the woods today.  It was a strange day.  The fog lifted at times and in certain places, and the sun shone when it could find spots to break through.  This was the view at the beginning of the trail.
The sun behind the fog pointed out the slow motion rain and its branch landings.
There were places of brilliant green as well.
Shafts of light were the theme of the day.
I tied four leashes together to give Black Jack the best sense of freedom she has had in a while.  I felt that she was pretty safe, and we practiced recalls throughout the walk.  I couldn't seem to get even one half decent action shot.  Maybe this could pass for an art one?  No, maybe not.
Best branch impersonation of a... 
Black Jack hit it off with every dog we met, but this one was her favorite.  She's playing hard to get here.
I don't know what the heck she's doing here.  It's driving me crazy that I can't do better than this.  Have to say, that little white dog was a sweetie - just a puppy but great play skills.
Recall success here.
Black Jack is in this one.  Honest.
My favorite light shaft shot.
On the way home, we spotted these colorful flag-like things.  They were strung down the steps from a house, across the sidewalk in front of the house, and connected to a tree.  
I love the tree showing through the second one.
A close-up.  Can anyone read this?
Buds were everywhere.  
This fellow called to us.  I swear he did.  Then he posed for the longest time, but best I could do was a silhouette. 
This is one of those just because pictures.  No idea why I included it, but here it is.
That was our walk.  Thanks again to Ruby Isabella and Minnie-Moo for inspiring us to check out a few more details in the woods. Black Jack managed to get a lot of running in.  She came home very hungry and very happy.  I fed her lunch (she eats three times a day) and then I left for a bike ride that took me to the book store, to Our Town Cafe, and then to the gym.  (Bill has been laying low this weekend with a miserable cold, but he met me after that for supper at The Foundation.)  Since  I'm waiting for the laundry to dry, I'll do a little blog about the bike-ride part of the day too.


  1. Buds are everywhere????? Ooohhhhhh, I am so jealous! I was poking around looking for signs of snowdrops emerging but no luck here yet, let alone buds on trees!

  2. Maybe I exaggerated when I said "everywhere" but I am seeing a lot. Hang in there. It won't be long, Jean:)

    Ah, thanks Cristina. Interesting.

  3. I completely missed this post somehow. If I haven't mentioned it before Dollar Giant used to sell long lines in their pet section -- about 20 feet for $1, which is a pretty good deal. The stitching around the clasp isn't to be trusted so I would just rip it and tie a not instead. The clasp itself has never given out on me, and I have put it to the test many times. If you tie a knot every 24" your foot has something to catch against when you are tracking down an errant dog.

  4. Thanks, dp. I just googled and see there's a Dollar Giant on East Pender near Main. I think that's the closest one to me. I'll try it on the weekend. I found the pink leash good in one sense that it tends to lie flat on the ground and doesn't trip people and animals up. Black Jack even played with the white dog, without any huge tangle issues. Still, I'll pick up the one you suggest. It may be do the job even better, and for a dollar, I can't go wrong:) Always appreciate your suggestions.

  5. Wow, really lovely photos. Muzzle and I have so enjoyed looking at them, thank you for sharing. You have a bit more sunshine than we have at the moment!