Friday, January 9, 2009

Wind on Thursday

Just a few photos taken from the Lions Gate Bridge Thursday afternoon.  It was impossible to stay on the bike.  Even walking felt crazy!  Wind filling my mouth, a loose strap on my helmet slapping my face, body leaning 45 degrees into the bike to keep it straight.  Taking pictures was a bit of a challenge too.
I worried about the smaller boats.  It doesn't look bad in this picture, but at one point, a wave came completely up and over one of these.  
I couldn't capture any of the birds, but I was worried for them too, as they flew low, trying to head to their roosting spots.  I had watched some crows playing near the school before I left, and they seemed to be having fun, but it was much more of a struggle over the open water. 
This boat passed under the bridge with no problems, although it did appear to be working to straighten out.  I noticed way more than the usual number of boats gathered together, as I headed over the Burrard Bridge a bit later.  I thought of my grandfather, a Newfoundland fisherman.  He died before I was born, so I have only my mother's stories and a letter written by one of his sons, to remember him.  I'll post a picture of his boat in the next entry.


  1. Birds often seem to have a lot of fun in strong wind. Wouldn't it be great to be able to fly?

  2. Just catching up with your blogs. Always fun to read. You know what might interest you is having your blog turned into a little hard cover coffee book. I have a website I can give you if you like, Jen is turning Coopers blog into a book at the moment. I think you should also look into getting a digital SLR like the one I have at the moment. The prices are a lot cheaper and you can get one for nearly the same price as a point and shoot. Your such a great photog and you do it so often I think you would really get a lot of fun use from one.