Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scenes from last 3 days

On New Year's Day, I looked North, from the  Fitness World window, across Broadway Street, near Arbutus.  Much of the scene was office buildings, but a thin top layer over the buildings showed light on the mountains.  I got off the elliptical trainer and headed to the locker to get my camera, and stepped out onto the deck.  With the zoom, it's possible to find pictures almost hidden from the naked eye.  Here are four variations on the same mountain view.  

On January 2nd, I took the bus to school in North Vancouver for my first day back to work after the holiday.  In the afternoon, walking to catch the bus home, I again saw strips of beauty topping mostly industrial scenes.  It almost seems that the camera is dishonest, in sneaking up on such a tiny part of a larger picture.  Another way of thinking about it, I guess, is that it points out and intensifies the background splendor.   
To say I'm tired of snow is an understatement.  Getting around by foot and by bus has had its moments, but I was hopeful Friday of perhaps being able to ride my bike on Monday as far as the seabus.  The Lions Gate bike path was a mess but the main roads looked fairly clear.  I felt encouraged, and with the golden light in this Fell Street scene, I almost convinced myself the snow was going.  
Today, it snowed steadily.  I took the bus to the same gym on Broadway, but didn't take one picture.  I was sick of winter wonderland scenes.  After a latte at the neighborhood cafe, an enjoyable conversation with the owner of my favorite bike shop (Ride on Again) and a good workout, I felt better.  Still, I had no urge to take pictures.  When I arrived home, Bill had a delicious supper prepared.  Before we ate, he reminded me that the snow scene in front of the house was beautiful and I appreciated his subtle reminder to enjoy the moment.  This first picture looks to the left of our house, and the second one faces right.  Some of the snow-covered cars have not moved for weeks.  It amazes me that, unlike Montreal, the snow is left as if falls until such time as the rain or warmer temperatures get rid of it.  The picture doesn't really show it, but our street is on a slight hill, so driving down it, even in Bill's truck, feels like quite the adventure.  The good news is, I've just been out for a few minutes with Black Jack, and the snow has stopped. I will enjoy THIS moment, big time.  Rain, rain, come again, never mind some other, how about today. Please


  1. Beautiful shots of the light on the mountain tops, Carol. I often wish I had a better zoom to capture those unique pieces in the jigsaw of otherwise ho-hum landscape. In this endless winter, it is those tiny fragments of beauty that I so appreciate as I endlessly shovel snow and slush, mop up floors, dry off dogs, and pray for an early spring!

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