Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday commutes

Most of the past week has been fairly decent bike-commute conditions, even with the morning glaze challenge.  I made it downtown and then took the seabus over to North Van two mornings and did that in the reverse one evening, but other than those times, and one other morning when Bill kindly drove me down the Point Grey Hill, managed to do my normal bike routes.  Fog and temperatures hovering around O degrees Celcius were not ideal conditions, but still fairly manageable.  

Friday morning started out pretty much the same as the rest of the week.  However, the seabus trip, for the first time, showed promise of change.  Out the back window, I saw mostly fog, but through the side door window, there was evidence of sun, and I managed to capture these two shots of geese.  I did use iphoto's "enhance" function, but still was pleased that the natural colors of the geese showed through, in front of the fog.     

Minutes later, as I left the seabus, and took the route along the water towards my school, the sun was almost brilliant.  Or at least, it seemed that way after many, many days of relentless fog.  I don't take this route often, but look forward to it after seabus rides. .
Here is an un-enhanced version of the geese.  I turned to look back at them and could see the dividing line between the fog and the sun.
The evening commute was fog free.  The sun was just setting, and created a copper sheen on the railings of the Lions Gate Bridge.
I've travelled over the Lions Gate many, many times, but even at sunset, had never seen quite that combination of oranges.  I zoomed in on the copper tones here.
A fellow cyclist pulled up as i was admiring the sunset.  We talked for a bit.  He was feeling euphoric too, at the reappearance of the sun after days and days of fog.  Just before he left, he reminded me to enjoy it.  Apparently, winter will hang around in Vancouver for at least another week.  The snow word has been whispered.  I think I remember someone saying there's a 30% chance of the white stuff, so I'm focusing on the 70% chance of rain.  Whatever comes, it was a good ride home on Friday.

Here, a zoom-in on the dropping sun.
And here, a full view just before I left the scene.


  1. Lovely pictures. Of course it has been sunny in Deroche throughout the Vancouver fog. Day after day of stunning blue skies, which I feel makes up for the deluges we get when it is sprinkling in the city. Anyhow, I am at UBC at least three days on most weeks and I kept being surprised by the fog. I was so pleased for the city residents on Friday when the sun finally came out. Today is was cold and windy in Deroche and tonight the winds are howling.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love the bridge one with the coppery colours highlighted.
    I have also been experiencing day after day of clear blue sky and feeling sorry for my friends in the city. Glad you are finally getting some sun.
    Now if we could only crank up the temperatures a little - I do NOT want more snow!