Sunday, January 18, 2009

Woods walks

This first picture was taken December 7th, 2007 in North Van, so a little more than a year ago, on a walk with Bill and Black Jack.  It is inspired by two blogs: Ruby Isabella Jones and Minnie Moo.  Both of these were about forest walks, and both reminded me of the quiet that enters our bodies as we lose city and become a part of a secretive life that only reveals itself once we make a place for it.  Aside from the fact that this blog gives me a somewhat reliable memory store of life clips, I love the awareness that other people and animals are enjoying many of the same things we are, at somewhat close to the same moment in time.
Yesterday, Black Jack and I took a walk in the woods near our house.  The trees seemed to look quite different from a year ago, but that may have been because of heavy fog and great concentration trying to walk through a mixture of old snow/ice and new mush/mud.  But, we had fun all the same.  Black Jack, because she sensed critter life all around us, most of which we didn't see, but she certainly smelled and felt, and I through the enjoyment of her poised alert poses. 
On the way home, this seagull was also in alert mode.
And this cat greeted us, just as we came through the back lane gate, to begin our walk.  It has been carrying on a more-than-a-year-long challenge with Black Jack.  At least this time, it had the good grace to show some respectful alarm.  Maybe it was because, for once, Black Jack chose not to go into hysteria mode, but was calm and in control.
And one more of Black Jack just because.  It was taken about a second before the first picture.  I think she looks like a little dancer in this one.The sun is finally out after three days of fog.  We're off for another woods walk.  I will think of Ruby Isabella Jones and Minnie Moo as we take a better look at the trees around us.  


  1. Nice pointing Black Jack. I prefer hysteria mode when I am on the lead and cats or certain dogs are nearby. I think I might be getting a bit calmer as I get older though. Hooray for people and dogs in the woods!!

  2. Best picture of a seagull ever. It looks very self-satisfied and smug. Mine!

  3. Sorry: in case you haven't seen Finding Nemo, the "Mine!" comes from that movie. It's the only thing the seagulls say in the whole movie. And I'm pretty sure it's about the only thing that seagulls are saying in real life.