Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ee-e-ek! Carbon foot print alert!

Actually, this cat wasn't in shock at all. Poor Black Jack. Can't get no respect, no how. The cat comes from across the lane, and mostly spends its time in my neighbor's garden, since that is where the bird feeder is. (They are not visible in this picture, but the cat wears two bells on its collar.) Today, while Black Jack went through her bag of intimidation tricks, the cat calmly jumped up on the fence post and stared her down. Then, the ultimate indignity - it yawned.

I think this bird is a Jay. Stellar, maybe? It was black, and looked like a crow, until I noticed the crest. As others have noted, a rainy day requires a stretch, sometimes, to provide entertainment. I stood on our little porch, protected from the rain, and used the zoom to try to identify it.

Afterwards, Bill kindly accompanied me on a walk in the rain with Black Jack.
One soaked leaf to record the moment.

Then we napped. Black Jack lay on Bill's chest. She is absolutely certain that human bodi
es were made for her comfort. I wanted to go get the camera but knew the moment would be lost by the time I returned from downstairs. One day, I hope to capture that picture, though. I love the way she climbs over him as though hiking a mountain, and then plops down, stretches out, and settles into the curves of his body. He appears to be comfortable with this arrangement. Quite the pair, the two of them.

After that, a movie, Rachel is Getting Married,
which we both enjoyed. Too long though. Bill thought they could have cut a half hour and still had a fine movie. I would have opted for a smaller cut - maybe 10-15 minutes of the party scenes. Anne Hathaway was excellent, but then, all the acting was very strong. Then, supper at The Elysium, around the corner from Fifth Avenue theatre. I managed to fit in a visit to the gym, while Bill came home to tend to Black Jack. Today is the first day in a long time, my bike did not come out of the storage shed once. I am one of those people whose mood is infinitely improved with a good sweat. A walk doesn't quite do it, but a half hour on the elliptical leaves me feeling good. No impact on the old joints and just enough energy required to inspire the serotonin. Now, happily blogging away, but must sign off and store up a little rest to face what will most likely be a very rainy morning commute.


  1. Definitely looks like a Stellar jay in profile, but there wasn't any blue? I have never seen one that's all black. We have a love/hate relationship with these birds. They are funny and entertaining to have around, but the do harass the smaller birds something fierce. We got a jay-proof feeder this year so that they had to be content with whatever seeds the little ones dropped. Last year they could clean out our feeder in 48 hours.

  2. Thanks dp. No, I didn't see any blue at all, but I'll check again in better weather, and hopefully get a closer view. I just googled to see if there were any photos of black jays, and there were none.

    Yes, I used to get blue jays at my feeder in Ste. Agathe des Monts. Same kind of thing with the love/hate relationship.