Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to work

First day back to work after knocking my noggin around a couple of days ago.  Bill will drive me today, and I appreciate that and feel guilty simultaneously.  No earth-shattering revelations but stitches came out yesterday, and a few thoughts rolling around in there about why some of us are more stubborn than others, why I seem to have inherited a healthy dose of contrariness to complicate most human interactions, why it seems so all-important to  get back to as normal a routine as possible, and whether there's any way around the six-week limit on BOTH cycling AND gym.

A gift came in the mail yesterday, and I will write more about that later, but just a thank you to dp for now.  Books are such treasures, as is hand-written communication.  Meanwhile, take yourself on over to her site.  The story this morning is both funny, intriguing, and one more example of her endless supply of absolutely unique happenings (or her quick eye to take note of them).

And a few pictures from the last two days:

A house sparrow (quick identification with new book, but fairly sure) in the East garden.  Love the textures.   
A Winter Wren, maybe?
For conclusive identification, have to take better pictures, but love the patterns.
Yet another crow silhouette.
Ball game with Black Jack on Sunday.  Thanks to Oregon Sunshine for kind tips.  Will be in touch soon!
Tongue shot.
Give it to me..  now!  Please?
West garden feeder.
House finch - male?
Sky, looking West, from the front of our house, yesterday, after arriving home from stitch-taking out, TWO LARGE lattes, and a trip to Office Depot, to buy desk organization stuff.  Pictures one of these days of desk.  Gotta go.  Just thanks to kind readers and all the good people around me.  


  1. There is no way around a four week limit, Carol. The last two weeks might be negotiable depending on how you're feeling. I am both glad and surprised to hear that you're back to work already. Enjoy your first day!

  2. I know your students will be so happy to see you and will spoil you by being extra attentive!! I think the moratorium on biking and the gym can be made more palatable by more walks with Bill and Blackjack! Enjoy the ride to school and back with your more-than-happy-to-do-so chauffeur! He is also known as my favourite brother Bill!

  3. I am glad that you are on the mend!

    We will continue to walk through Black Jack's problem areas a bit at a time as you are ready. Just let me know when!

  4. I'm glad you're back at work. I would suggest that they enjoy other activities that now have time for because you can't cycle of go to the gym but I know you'll do that anyway.

    Black Jack, what a tongue!!

  5. dp, good advice, and given that it will be two weeks this Friday since the surgery, maybe 4 wks (another 2) won't feel so long. Will PM you about gift, but might take until tomorrow. Got new cast on hand today, after doing only half day's work, but seem to have gone into sleep mode - crazy how many hours I'm managing to squeeze in. Cast is more restrictive than first one, but only on for a week and a half or so. Okay, I can do that.

    PHyllis!!! You did it. Good for you and thanks. And... you were right - kids were great; it was tiring but also energizing to teach again. Your dear, sweet brother continues to be a gem, but that's no surprise to either of us:)

    OS, your message made so much sense. Thank you! Will PM you soon, too.

    Good suggestion, Ruby Isabella! You know where it's at. Humans are slow learners, but we do eventually take notice of your superior life skills.