Sunday, February 8, 2009

Corgi Cute

Anyone who loves Corgis will appreciate this story, a happy follow-up from a sad one I posted last August.  The first two pictures here are a tribute to the special relationship between Andy and Miyoko, so tragically cut short when Miyoko was only two years old.

But, as I said, this is a happy story.  First, let me mention that my friendship with Andy came to be because of our dogs.  We lived on the same street in North Vancouver, and shared many favorite dog parks and trails.  Miyoko was the first dog to play with Black Jack, and I loved her.  When I heard of her passing, I was not only heartbroken, but really worried for Andy.  They had spent pretty well every minute of their lives together.  It was impossible to think of one without the other.  I feared that Andy might never be able to consider letting his defenses down that much again.  However, Andy dropped by my school for a quick chat every once in a while, and he came through the library door one day, to completely throw the focus of our small staff meeting off with the happiest of surprises.  I sat on the carpeted floor of the library, and Robin, the little treasure below, jumped into my lap and gave me wriggly, joyful kisses.  Impossible not to fall in love with her, and I was so happy for Andy, I could barely contain myself.  The other staff members present could only coo and murmur their support.  For once, I had no camera with me, so I harbored my happy secret from readers until Andy returned a couple of weeks later, as promised, so I could get some photos.  This time, he entered the music room, where I had close to 50 band students rehearsing.  Can you imagine the squeals and ooh's and ah's?  Andy and I tried to settle the kids down, but a puppy is universally appealing, and Robin was beyond cute.  After a little play on the floor, she was happy to retreat to Andy's arms.

A little nervous yawn, but to the kids, it was an adorable grin, and the ooh's and aw's intensified.
Here, the kids closest to the door reach out in frenzied friendship.  Andy tries to reassure Robin all is under control.  I snap madly away, hoping there will be at least one shot that will do beautiful Robin justice.
Andy hasn't forgotten Miyoko, but it's clear in this picture that he has found room in his heart to love again.
Sweet, beautiful Robin.
Here, she decides that it's about time to go.
Here, she takes a good look at all those squealing, happy kids with noisemakers in their hands, and decides life with Andy is REALLY good.
(note:  Andy is not yet a computer/internet fan, but I plan to work on that.  Until he starts his own Robin blog, I will do my best to keep her story updated here, and will make sure Andy sees any messages passed along.  I look forward to lots of visits and hopefully, some playdates, with Black Jack. May you and Robin have a long, active, beautiful life together, Andy!   


  1. New dogs never replace the old dogs in our heart; our heart just grows bigger to make a place for them. I am so glad Andy's heart found room to grow so Robin could creep in and claim it for her own. May they have many, many happy years together.

  2. This is a happy story, Carol. I think Jean has said it all and very beautifully.

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