Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Bonny Tale on Saturday

Today, I am doing a second blog post.  That's because I have a Bonny tale to tell.  

But to start at the beginning.  Bill and I walked together with Black Jack this afternoon.  Here, she is very focused on catching the ball that Bill has thrown for her.  We have just crossed over Drummond Drive, and are walking along the grass, to the right of Chancellor Blvd, heading towards the forest.  There is a lot of green space, and with Black Jack's long leash on, it feels pretty safe to let it trail, as we play some ball with her.
Here, she brings the ball back to Bill.  I love to watch them play.  

Now, we've entered the forest.  Bill did the four-leash thing today, and although he prefers his own two-leash method, he comments that Black Jack is getting a better than usual run.  But the next two pictures are in his "I hate it when that happens" category.  It might be difficult to see here, but a branch has attached itself to the leash.  That happens when the leash drags along the ground, and picks up debris in its travels.

This is the second "I hate it when that happens" photo.  That wood, half in and half out of the earth, behind the leash, has just snagged it, as they walk on.  It's not so bad when there's a second person behind (me) to free the leash.

Does anyone see a ballet slipper in these mushrooms?

A possible sign of Spring?

The walk, to this point, has been fun, but I wouldn't call it a Bonny day, until this little dog approaches Black Jack.  They begin their interaction with a hug.

Then, Bonny (we only learned her name much later) tries to assert her dominance.  Black Jack, not usually one to argue, is fine with that.  Bonny really isn't all that much bigger than Black Jack, but in this picture, she seems huge in comparison.

They play and play, as Bill and I scan the surroundings, hoping to see Bonny's human.  Some people at the golf course tell us she's been running around for a while.  Hm....  I begin to worry.  She shows every sign of following us home, and ignores our instructions when we feel it's time to stop playing.  She finds Black Jack's size just right.  Not too big and not too small.

Bill finally picks up Black Jack, and I tell Bonny to go home.  She lets me know what she thinks of that idea with a little woof.  Then she goes right on following us.  Now, Bill and I decide to use one of Black Jack's leashes to take her home.  The plan is to call the pound to see if anyone has lost a dog.  Not so easy to catch this little dog.  She stays just out of reach, even as she continues to play with Black Jack.  Each time I lean down to take her collar, she easily avoids my hand.  She is interested in the treats in my pocket, but not so much that she is willing to give up her freedom.  Finally, after many attempts, I manage to grab her collar, and attach a leash.  She isn't impressed, but then relaxes and continues to play as we head for home.

Once in our backyard, Bill goes inside to call the pound, while I watch her play with Black Jack.  Black Jack becomes little bit more assertive, which Bonny accepts as her right in her own space.  They play and play.  Both Black Jack and I like Bonny a lot.

Black Jack is having one heck of a good time.  Bonny is doubtful about her intentions, but still cooperative.

The more Bonny and Black Jack enjoy themselves, the more I feel terrible about calling the pound.  I don't want her to spend a horrible, lonely night, with no one to reassure her that this is for her own good.  Two very, very kind ladies show up with a van, and my guilt and sadness intensify.  However, they tell me we have probably saved her life, and being such a sweet little thing, more than likely, a frantic human will be calling before the evening is out.  Bonny really does not want to leave our yard, and her expression breaks my heart.  


  1. I love snowdrops.

    Good to hear that Bonny found her way home. I have been found by three dogs in the endowment lands over the years, all of whom found their ways home too. It is easy for dogs to get over-excited in such a fun place, but I hope that Bonny's owners will keep her crated in the car if she cannot be trusted to stay put when the doors open.

  2. Glad to hear that Bonnie made her way home (AND that you didn't have to make a choice about adopting her--I know that temptation!).

    Sandy does not have the best recall, especially when she spots something of interest in the distance. I suspect that's what lead to her being picked up traipsing along the freeway as a half grown puppy, skinny and covered with ticks. Since we've had her, she's learned to "stay" in her back seat until we invite her out, on leash.

    Hope BJ can have a play date! It look like a fun outing!

  3. Bonny would have been one lucky dog, that's all I have to say!

    I've got my grandmother now very set-up with your blog on her homepage. She was amazed that someone else likes penguins as much as she does - ! She writes a 'daily email' and so I've got that now directed to her own blog - but being new to the internet, she wants it open to readers 'by invitation only' for now :-)

    It's great to hear your positive stories on a rather dreary Sunday morn!

  4. Hey, Mali.. I love it that my blog gives someone pleasure. But.. I can't ever remember mentioning penguins??? I wonder if your Grandma connected to dp's link or noticed the picture. That said, I do like penguins a lot. Your comment prompted Bill and I to rent "March of the Penguins" and we watched it last night.

    dp and EvenSong, I was happy that we decided to leash Bonny, although she might have followed us all the way without that leash. She certainly wasn't worrying about being lost - I guess too immersed in her big adventure. dp, my snowdrop response ended up in the previous post. Monday morning, I guess:)

  5. Well done for helping Bonny - we're really glad that she found her way home safely :)

    Are you thinking of getting a second dog? We think it's great having more than one dog :)


  6. Yes, Minnie-Moo. Always good to have happy endings to canine adventures. And to answer your question, it would take no convincing at all for me to get a second dog, if I felt that was Bill's wish. But, for now, he takes the brunt of the care of Black Jack while I'm at work, and it would be unfair to push him into something he doesn't feel inclined to do. I try, as much as I can, to make sure Black Jack gets to play with other dogs on our walks, and if I can get my act together a little more, will try to arrange some play dates on weekends and holidays for her in our backyard.