Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday observations

Monday,  I stood at the back of the school, looking across the water to downtown.  Then, I looked to the left, and for the first time ever, saw a mountain, all aglow.  Bill said it must be Mt. Washington, and that the conditions have to be absolutely clear to see it.
Then, I watched a seagull fly in, do a very thorough bathing sequence, and swim away, looking smug, or at least, satisfied.  Something seemed so human in its attention to detail.  

The fly-in from the ocean.
Lowering itself into the river water.
I could almost imagine soap and a washcloth.
The swim-away.
I always like watching birds skid into a landing.  Two geese arrived after the seagull left.
My last picture of the day before heading home was of the tangerine and teal-blue sky.


  1. Yikes! This old head is in worse shape than I thought. I misquoted Bill. Mt. Baker, I should have said!

  2. Ha ha! I was scratching my head, trying to figure out how you would see Mt. Washington from the north shore. My sense of geography isn't great, but I didn't think it was THAT bad!
    Ah, Baker - beautiful, beautiful mountain. I grew up able to see it from my childhood home in White Rock, I see it from my office and from my home now, and on a clear day it is even visible from the place on Vancouver Island where I plan to retire. If ever she erupts (Mt. Baker is a volcano), I will have a front row seat.