Sunday, February 22, 2009

This picture of Black Jack was taken on Saturday, a beautiful, sunny day.  I know at least one dog that loves the shade, and will, even during a walk, find a spot under a tree on someone's lawn, and just lie down, staring up as if to say, "You go ahead and walk in that hot sun if you really think it's wise."  Black Jack has never, ever lain down during a walk, and shade holds zero appeal for her.  If out in the yard, she will find the hottest, sunniest spot and lie down with a sigh of absolute contentment, usually with her eyes closed, or open just a slit.  If indoors, she does pretty much the same thing, seeking out the sunniest spot in the room.  Dogs have a way of figuring out what they like, and then enjoying it to the utmost.  When I took this picture yesterday, I thought of Ruby Isabella, from Australia.  She is another black dog who knows exactly how to get the best out of life with the least fuss and bother. 
Today was a different day, rainy at times, and dull except for about a one-minute window of sun.  Black Jack somehow found that momentary light and warmth.  I'm not sure what her expression was telling me, as I snapped the photo, but I found it endearing.    
I heard the flicker announce its arrival, shortly after I got up this morning and couldn't resist running out to take yet another picture.  It looked quite satisfied with itself, although I wondered if it wasn't just a tad embarrassed about the suet on its beak.
Fortunately, the rain stopped long enough for Black Jack and I to have a very pleasant afternoon walk along some lovely Vancouver streets.  I liked the shapes and images in this tree and thought of Jean.  Check out her comment on my Comical Duck post.  Her keen eye always seems to see images that I miss. Bill sees the lion from The Wizard of Oz here.  I thought I saw a little dog face, Black Jack saw squirrel potential, and I guess some might simply see a beautiful old tree.   
Our walk took us into the forest.  Spring greenery everywhere I looked.
The last two days, I have arrived home from our walks absolutely covered with mud - the long leash drags on the ground, and as I gather it up or release it, it leaves its mark on my pants, jacket, camera, and especially my cast.  Tomorrow, I have an appointment to see the hand doctor before work.  I have no pain in my hand now, and am hoping the doc might decide to take the cast off for good.  Bill would appreciate that, I think.  Apparently, the night before last, I bopped him in the head with it, as I slept.  So sorry, Bill!  As for me, it will feel good to properly wash my left hand, type with all of my fingers, and maybe even be able to play some of the band instruments and the piano.  Slow but sure steps back to normal, but maybe better not to get my hopes up too much.  Enjoy the moment, Ruby Isabella would say.  Good point, happy dog.  After the walk, Bill and I fit a lot into the remainder of our day - a take-out latte from The Wicked,  a movie (Wendy and Lucy) and supper at The Foundation.  A good week-end, and time now to sleep.


  1. "Dogs have a way of figuring out what they like, and then enjoying it to the utmost." I love that. Humans should follow this way of life.

    Great snaps of Black Jack.

  2. I'm not sure, but I think I see a bit of a dare in BJ's look: not sure if it's "How dare you disturb me..." or "Dare you to join me..."

    Great shot of the flicker!

  3. Love the shot of the flicker!

    As for the tree... (don't laugh!!)...the first thing I saw was that pair of saggy boobs with a heart between them. Not sure where all the other lumps and bumps fit in, but I do believe the tree and I might be twins seperated at birth.....

  4. I am so happy that the cast is off and that your hand will be fine with some exercises to get back the strength. I was surprised to see that the cast was so clean after 3 weeks of work and dog walking. Do tell us more about spring... Winnipeg is back in the deep freeze with the day time temp of -20 degrees with a wind chill of -32. It will be even colder tomorrow! Phyllis who is longing for spring!!!

  5. Good riddance to the cast, although I must say it has served its purpose.

    Jean's comment made me laugh.

    I think Black Jack is just practicing her new demure look. Quite effective I must say.

    Also longing for spring. Could you find a few buds to encourage us please?

  6. Thanks, Ruby Isabella:)

    EvenSong, I think you are partly right about the dare, but perhaps more like, "You know I'm cute. I'm so cute, I dare you to resist me." Or, as my sister suggested, she could indeed be working on her demure look.

    Jean, you said, "Don't laugh," but that was a very funny comment! And, as usual, I saw your description as clearly as could be:)

    Phyllis and Sherrill, I really hate to tell you this, but it is SNOWING in Vancouver tonight. Bill is trying to comfort me that it isn't yet sticking on the road, but I don't want to see another bit of white for quite a while. That said, there's lots of evidence of Spring. If the snow is gone in the morning, I'll try to get a few pictures and do a "Signs of Spring" post. If you go to Jean's post, you can see pictures to show that in her neck of the woods, there have been close to blizzard conditions today.

    Phyllis, the camera didn't really show the true color of that cast. It was pretty bad. And, oh my! My heart goes out to you with that wind chill. Yikes!