Saturday, February 28, 2009

Headless dogs on Friday

Some of you may know that the Food Lady inspired me to start this blog.  Mostly, though, I stay away from dog photos, except for Black Jack, because nothing comes close to being worth a look, after the amazing shots she produces in every single post!.  But, Friday was a sunny day, and dogs were having such a blast in the park in front of my school, and they made me laugh so much, and the camera was hanging over my neck, and so I offer you the amazing Headless Dog series.  Honestly, I didn't think it was possible, but see for yourself.  They may not be clear, they may lack composition, but every single one (okay, with the exception of the last one), presents at least one dog with a missing head.

The fellow on the left was the winner of the headless shot category, paws down. 
Here, he's in the middle, but still headless.
I don't think he's shy..  at least, many aspects of his position would deny that possibility, but even in twosome shots, he hides his head.
And this one!  Wasn't there a dog in wolf's clothing or some such story?  This dog must have read it.  He's superimposed his body over the Ridgeback, and taken on the otherwise occupied and oblivious dog's head.
I finally convinced him to show his head.  Phew!  I really was worried for a while.  But, you guessed it, the other two hide theirs.
A new little spaniel appears on the scene, and you may say, "So what's headless in this shot?"  I know... that's what I thought as well.  But take a good look at the Ridgeback.  Superimposed again, is the back half of the headless wonder.
I really thought I had four complete heads in this one, but no, three and a half was the best I could do.
I think there's a headless middle dog here, although it's hard to tell which end is up.  The Ridgeback is confused as well.  As for the headless wonder, he's doing his best to present his better half (he thinks) but I do see a bit of his head.  I might add, I've used "he" and "his" all the way through this post, but I think there's a small possibility "he" could be "she".    
I was going to include this little cutie, in spite of giving the lie to "headless" in my post title, as a sheer, unadulterated SPRING joy shot.  It would have been perfect, except for the coat, which testified to the somewhat coolish temperatures.  I'm not convinced the coat was absolutely necessary, but it didn't hamper the mood, I can vouch for that.  It was impossible to do anything else but enjoy the day, maybe even as much as the dogs, as I watched them, headless or otherwise, throw themselves fully into FUN.

And the rest of my day?  Well I discovered a new cafe that didn't quite equal The Wicked, but came pretty close.  I liked the original art, the friendliness of the baristas, and the fact that it was right on my route as I walked down Granville to the Seabus Station.  I hear it's one of, if not the, best place for cheesecake in the city.  Maybe, I'll take Bill to try it out today.  He's definitely earned it.  He's been cooking and catering to my somewhat grouchy head for most of the week.  He listens and nods and says, "Don'tcha hate it when that happens?" in all the right pauses, and just makes me feel better.  Thanks, Bill!!
This was my best Friday SPRING shot.  I'm not sure what it is about it, but it makes me happy. 
There were a few bird shots too.  I saw this seagull in the Waterfront Park between the Seabus and Mosquito Creek Marina.   
And this one in the marina. 
This flicker (I'm fairly sure) was the first I've seen in North Vancouver.  I was walking towards the Seabus, around six o'clock in the evening.  The first part of the walk is quite nice, but the last part is less pleasant, as the Marina locks its gate at 4:30, and I have to go by a busy, and hillyish street.  I was feeling tired and a bit grumpy, but a taxi happened to come along right after I took this shot.  Yay...!
Here's a very bad shot of a crow that I saw in the Waterfront Park on the way to school.  I liked it because it chose to hop down the step rather than use its wings.
I took a couple of mountain shots too.  This one, from the seabus, on the way to school.  The school can be seen in this photo, something I either hadn't noticed before, or the result of a slightly different route by the seabus driver.
And this one in the evening, from just about the same place where I saw the flicker.
I love light on water, and took this from the seabus in the evening, just as it was arriving at Waterfront Station in Vancouver.  Bill met me at Greens and Gourmet, where we ate supper.  Then we came home and I pretty much crashed.  Blogging this morning has been fun - a way of remembering all the happy yesterday moments before I get going on whatever ones today will bring. 


  1. The doggies look to be having SO much fun! Our greyhound?ridgeback? whatever (humane society rescue) has gotten extremely dog aggressive in the last year, since being attacked repeatedly by a neighbor's two dogs. So I just can't trust her to be loose to PLAY with others anymore. :-(

    And I agree about the branch--something about the marching cadre of red-headed buds is appealing.

  2. Thanks, EvenSong. You put my feelings about the branch into words.

    It's really sad when dogs can't play together. Scott was great with most dogs, but Kim, my dog before him, was a terrible little scrapper after being attacked once, as a puppy. I finally gave up on socializing her. Black Jack is really social and almost always very good at reading canine attitudes, but there is the other issue of her running away. I'm thinking now to start making play dates for her in our fenced backyard.

  3. Thank-you for the signs of spring. Loved the branch. Those buds have a very determined look; quite necessary to dismiss an equally determined winter. I enjoyed all of your pictures and musings but that hopping crow made me chuckle.
    Zoe had a long run/ramble on a friend's 40 acre wood lot today with her buddy Penny and her new (sometimes)friend Marly. She likes Marly as long as she doesn't try to play with Penny. She's been sleeping soundly, if noisily, ever since.

  4. Wow! 40 acre wood lot! No wonder she's sleeping noisily. What breed is Marly?

    So glad you liked the crow. It made me laugh too.