Monday, February 16, 2009

Blue Sunday

With biking out of the picture, at least until Wednesday, when I'll have another CT scan done, and more likely until after next Monday, when I hope to get my cast off, my independence is limited - not a good thing for someone who has been used to getting up and going when and where the spirit moves me.  My pattern has been to go out on the bike, and meet up with Bill a bit later in the day, a perfect solution to our differing life rhythms.  So, early Sunday morning, when Black Jack and I sat on the back steps, my desire to get out there seemed a bit thwarted.  I took a photo of a pair of finches..
And one of some geese flying overhead..
And wondered about a plan for the day.  Then, I remembered Black Jack's carrier, and the possibility of taking her on city transit.  I thought of a Stanley Park adventure, hoping maybe to find the heros doing some nest repair.  Can you see her in there?  She is the most wonderful little traveler.  Just throw a treat in the carrier, and in she goes.  I walked her up to 10th, with the carrier and my camera over my shoulder, asked her to climb in when i saw the #17 coming, and away we went.  
Have I mentioned that blue is my favorite color?  A quick pass by the heronry yielded not a sign of birds or beasts, so we headed to the lagoon.  Here, a Barrows Goldeneye in a sea of blues and greens.
It obligingly turned so I could identify it by the white bar on its face.
With her four leashes tied, Black Jack was in Heaven - no other way to describe it.
A Mallard left me just about breathless.
I didn't manage to identify this one, but thought it looked stunning against the background water colors.
It turned as well, trying, I'm sure to help me out.  
Beauty pair here.
A heron after all - watching me from a tiny island out just a bit away from shore.
A pair of seagulls.
A swan, less grumpy than some I've met.  It allowed Black Jack a fairly close (but safe) investigation. spreading its beautiful feathers, and refraining from the requisite hiss.
And speaking of requisite..  a crow.
These geese were arguing..
But stopped for the perfect photo op.
Mallard female blending with the reflections.
I missed a picture of this fellow climbing up a fellow's pant leg for treats.
It did do a little pose, though.  The fellow told me there is one person in the area who keeps treats in his pocket, and the squirrel goes right in for its loot.  That would make me a tad nervous, both for myself and the squirrel.
Blue, blue skies and seagulls everywhere.
Black Jack invited me to play ball and we played game after game.  She was one happy little dog.
Even the sand seemed blue.

I'm the king of the castle......
Lilly-of-the-Valley - perhaps my mother's favorite flower.
Black Jack and I cuddled on a bench under the warm sun, at the corner of Chilco and Alberni.  An eagle flew in the distance.  Bill came to pick us up.  Off for a Wicked latte, home for a good sleep, out again for supper, and home again to do some blogging.  A great Sunday!


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better! And on your way back to "normal" whatever THAT is...
    Take your time so there are no setbacks, physically or spiritually--I would hate to see your biking curtailed by lingering fears.

  2. Looks like we are missing some nice weather, though it is nice here as well. And it looks like you are taking full advantage (despite the lack of bike). I love that one of the two ducks.

  3. Definitely a Blue Sunday. I really enjoyed these pictures. Some of your best I think. Glad to see that you're tailoring your activities to your recovery and finding much to take pleasure in along the way. Take your time, give yourself the gift of healing and enjoy a different perspective for a while.

  4. I really appreciate your terrific photographs - the birds are spectacular, I am reminded how amazing our city is...
    I passed on your blog to my parents & grandmother, I hope they check in time to see this post at the top - my mother loves blue herons.

    I hope you take LOTS of time to just rest, rest, and rest!!

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Sunday was fun for sure. So sorry, Mali. I just posted three new ones. If they look on the right, they will see Blue Sunday in the titles. I hope that will work for them.

    EvenSong, getting back to cycling will be a bit like climbing back on a horse after a fall. I'll be shaky for a bit, but also happy to do something I love. (Comments coming to your blog soon. Still a bit energy-challenged, although doing well, I think:)