Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday's post on Sunday

Saturday was good.  It could be summed up easily:  Awake early, great woods walk with Black Jack, LOTS of sleep during the afternoon, a fun trip with Bill to The Wicked for TWO lattes, a very enjoyable visit to Tisol pet store on Arbutus where we met Kevin, the love bird, home for a great Bill supper, out for a beautiful concert and early to bed.

But, regular readers know, my days always need elaboration:)

First, my favorite shot during the woods walk.  Black Jack had a blast on her long leash, and her eyes and demeanor show that here. 
She had extended play/social interactions with three dogs.  I was surprised she was able to find any dog under this fur.  I so wanted to get a brush and clean him up a little.  A sidenote:  His owner was very kind, even stopping her cell phone conversation to make sure the dog wasn't being a nuisance.  (He wasn't.)  My thoughts on cell phone conversations when walking with your dog in beautiful forests:  Why???

This dog was with the same person, who kept walking ahead as it played with Black Jack.  Much later, she came back, looking for her dog, and complained that the only thing the silly dog wants to do is socialize.
Very sweet dog, and played beautifully too.
Third and final playmate for that walk.  Another very sweet dog.
I took this photo on the way home, just because.
No latte photos, so will skip ahead to the pet store visit.  I didn't get this lovely girl's name, but her smile and Kevin, sitting on her shoulder, were equally colorful and heartwarming.  
Kevin then transferred to this clerk's red t-shirt.  It was so clear that Kevin is not just loved, but adored, and she (they thought at first she was a he) returns the sentiment tenfold.  She kissed this fellow several times, but I snapped too late each time, in spite of my best efforts.  First, rest at ease, no live pets are sold here.  Kevin was found outside the store, lost or strayed far from home.  Huge efforts were made to find Kevin's humans, but no human ever turned up to claim her.  Finally, she became a resident of the store, and she lives, from what I could see, an absolutely wonderful life.  Thank you to the friendly clerks for letting me photograph them with Kevin.Finally, a PBO concert with Bill.  Below is Glenys, Bill's niece, with her new son, Oscar.  He was born November 27th, but is already off the charts in terms of growth.  Beautiful, beautiful Mom and son, with lots of relatives over six feet, so genes predict he'll be a tall fellow.  Glenys did not perform at this concert, but her husband, Paul, did, and very impressively, I might add.  She has been trying to take a bit of a break from performing, but did a concert as recently as last weekend in Victoria.  Quite the baby sitting challenge.  Apparently it took six different sitters to cover rehearsals and performances that weekend.  I can't help but envy the musical background Oscar is inheriting.  My favorite selection of the concert on Saturday was Charles Avison's Concerto Grosso Number 12.  The slow introduction was so exquisitely in tune, and so beautifully phrased, I have to gush, and confess a pang of joy struck my heart.  The rousing, joyful ending left me in much the same state.  To think, I didn't know this piece of music before Saturday night.  My thanks to Paul, Glenys, and all the wonderful musicians.    
And, you guessed it, home and early to bed.  Today (Sunday) was an absolutely wonderful day, with many photos, but have to sign off now, and hopefully do that post in the morning.


  1. My companion throughout my undergraduate degree was a love bird named Pippin. I was not settled enough for a dog and my best friend is allergic to cats, so I got my first and last bird. He was a fantastic little buddy and was able to have a lot of freedom because we didn't have other pets. Now I wouldn't keep a bird because it would have to be caged most of the time.

    Two lattes? I am envious. Coffee is of the blandest variety in Onterrible.

  2. LOVE the red berry bush. Great spot of color in bland winter weather.

  3. Thanks, EvenSong:)

    dp, I thought many times about getting a bird, but perhaps agreed with you that it would only work if no other free-roaming pets in the house. Do you have any pictures of Pippin?

  4. I do have a few pictures of Pip. This was before the ubiquitous digital camera and during my poor student years, so photos from that period are scarce. I recently came across one of him dangling from my glasses -- will try to dig it up again.

  5. I love the comical duck and all the commentary about bird behaviour! I particularly love the picture of my beautiful daughter and darling grandson!!