Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday's post on Sunday

I fell behind with posts this week, but took a couple of one-hand-point-and-click pictures each day, so will post separate Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday blogs, to record my thoughts as I remember them.  The weather has been fine, but one thought I've had is how to keep fingers warm, when  a cast covers the main part of the hand.  The thumb, index and middle fingers are completely exposed, about half of the 4th finger, and just a snippet of the 5th.  The added complication is that the cast is tighter than the first one, and while my fingers aren't exactly numb, the circulation is not as good as it was before.  I suppose I could wrap up the exposed parts with a scarf or something, but that doesn't feel very practical, since I can still use my left hand for certain things (even some typing as I get used to it) and appreciate that bit of support for the right.  All to say, I've had a very cold left hand all week and a somewhat cold right one, since I need it free for maneuvering Black Jack's leash, holding on during bus rides, etc.   

From Tuesday on, I felt strong enough to bus it to and from school, and felt glad to have that bit of independence. I took only one picture on Thursday, across the river by my school.  Not a long term keeper, but for some reason, I liked the interaction of crow, seagull and duck - crow busy getting food and maybe checking out its reflection, seagull discretely watching crow to see if any leftovers, and duck (I think) just trying to keep warm.  

On the way home, I stopped at Artigiano Cafe on Hornby Street.  Their lattes consistently look pretty, but the flavor, for my taste, does not measure up to The Wicked.  I notice the new Wicked location on Hornby is doing much better now, after what are probably the usual aches and pains of any new location.  I notice also that the reviews at that link are favorable. The positive about Artigiano Cafe is that it's just a half block away from The Wicked, and they stay open later, so they are more convenient for on the way home stopovers.  The baristas have always been very friendly and kind, although again, nobody replaces The Wicked.  I found this link of Artigiano doodles by Edison Yan that was somewhat fun to explore. 
Home, rather late, to one of Bill's absolutely delicious meals and early to bed.  I can't seem to sleep more than five consecutive hours, but the good thing is that, once I get up and move around, the headaches disappear without medication.  I'm calling this period my brain-healing time, and hope it will pass fairly quickly, so that I can get back to more normal sleep patterns.  That was Thursday.

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  1. Have you thought about a big woolen sock to pull up over your cast? Maybe not practical for doing much, but might be helpful on woods walks and shore strolls...