Thursday, February 19, 2009

Comical ducks on Wednesday

If I hadn't taken this picture myself, I would have sworn it came straight out of the comics.
Here it is swimming, and thanks to my new bird book, I can tell you it is a Common Merganser.  Nothing common to me about the mohawk hairdo, and the in-the-water image is striking, don't you think?  Quite the contrast to the serious, giggle-provoking expression and the turned in feet in the first photo.  

One of those just because pictures, taken on the path behind the school.
This seagull was after something.  A fish, I wonder?
Back to ducks (Mallards).   Four shots from a kazillion I took of these two as they made their way along the river to a little waterfall.  I thought today that ducks have the perfect balance of beauty and comedy. 


  1. Ducks! The Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig uses ducks a lot. Here's what he says about them, "I was fond of them. And I like their character. They seem to have a kind of serious quality, but also a vulnerability. I was just drawn to them."
    I think there is something special about ducks.

  2. Ducks never cease to amuse me. Not only do they stick their bums in the air, but they are excellent conversationalists, sometimes expressing themselves loudly and sometimes muttering. Have you seen Babe? Ferdinand is my favourite.

  3. Love that first shot! All he needs is a baton extending from his right wingtip and he could be a flamboyant orchestra conductor, about to lead a symphony of musical ducks, presumably gathered on the water just out of view of the lens, each poised with their instruments.

  4. Ruby, very interesting. I don't know Michael Leung, but will look him up.

    dp, I haven't seen Babe. I'm not sure how I managed to miss it. But, yes, the conversations of ducks (and also seagulls) fascinate me.

    Jean, you so often find hilarious images in my pictures (like the fish, that has now been filled in, but will never be forgotten). This one really made me laugh!

  5. Dear Carol: I LOVED it !!

  6. Well, thank you, Claudia Bain. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Your very kind and talented granddaughter has described you so beautifully, I feel as though I know you. It's lovely to see your comment here. Today, I walked around Jericho Beach, and took pictures of the ocean, as well as some of the rabbits and birds. I should have a new post ready soon with a few of those photos.

  7. I can't believe that you haven't seen Babe. See it!