Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Artsy Fartsy

Every evening, flocks of geese fly, one after the other, over a period of about an hour, across the water towards the school where I work.  I guess they're going to roost, just like the crows.  The crows are moving at about the same time, in the opposite direction.  A great photo would be the crows and geese crossing paths (in my dreams).  I tried once, a couple of weeks ago, to get a picture of the geese, but scrapped all the pictures.  Tonight was my second attempt, and I'm thinking, with a slight attitude change, it could be considered artsy fartsy, and so a bit more successful than the first.  My favorite of the 6 shots is this first one.  Number 5 sort of appeals to me also.  I love all shades of blue, and I can feel a sense of speed in those two.  
In this one, the middle goose seems bent on a race.
 I've never quite figured out what is going on in these buildings across the water.
I'm just realizing that in every photo except the last one, there are two geese neck in neck.  Mates or competitors, I wonder.

And yesterday, I watched birds and ducks on the little river near the school.  I liked the colors in this one.
Had to make lots of use of the zoom.  Bad photo but artsy fartsy quality again here.  Something about that flying crow..  at least I think it's a crow.

There were some white-bellied, smaller birds with a high-pitched call, flying very quickly in one direction and then turning together.  Very difficult to see it, but I think there is one of them in the middle of this photo.  Could it be a tern? 
And this is sort of artsy, so maybe it fits.  It was a gift from a Vietnamese student several years ago.  It sits on the window ledge in front of my desk and makes me happy.
Tomorrow, Bill and I will go to Vancouver Centre for the Performing Arts to hear Jane Goodall speak.  I'm very excited about that.  I first saw pictures of her in Life Magazine when I was a teen.  In my dreams (again), I would have done research with apes or chimps or whales or elephants.  Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Jacques Cousteau and Carol Buckley are all people that inspire me to dream.  Carol has a sanctuary for elephants in Tennessee.  Her web site is really worth checking out:

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