Thursday, October 23, 2008

Optical illusions

This is the way I saw these crows, yesterday, and loved their intimacy.
The camera chose to heighten that sense of intimacy.

These photos are also little pockets of beauty, cropped from a reality that included some industrial ugliness.  I love that cameras can do that.
Does anyone know what this tree is?


  1. Looks like some sort of sumac. There are many.

  2. Thanks! Two ladies approached as I was taking the picture, to ask if I knew what that tree was. I asked a couple of passers by, and a couple of staff people, and no one could tell me. I had a feeling dp might provide the answer:)

  3. Such beautiful photos! I must tell you; I also am a huge fan of crows as well as a true believer in their intelligence and wisdom.

  4. Ha! I dated a BC granola boy for a few years before finding David. He was a jerk in lots of ways, but he taught me all sorts of good nature stuff.

  5. dp, I asked Bill, just to be sure. No, he hadn't heard the term "BC granola boy" either. But I knew exactly what you meant. There are those at work who call me a "nuts and seeds" type of person. I'm hoping that's a step back from granola:)

    Nice to know, Cristina. Not too many of us crow-fans around, at least not in my day-to-day world.