Saturday, October 4, 2008

The many happy faces of Hudson

Hudson, our resident dog at the international high school where I work, is rarely without a huge grin.  There isn't a mean bone in his body.  He lives with Kevin, the dormitory supervisor (as good natured a fellow as Hudson on most days), in the apartment across from the teachers' workroom. Hudson loves to goof around with dogs who visit the park behind the school, and with students or anyone else who will feed him a treat or throw a toy for him. Last week, one of the teachers was looking after Sushi, her friend's dog, for the day. Sushi is a full grown miniature poodle, but looks like a miniature Hudson.  (I'm pretty sure Hudson is a lab/standard poodle mix.)  Hudson tried his best to tempt Sushi to play, but it wasn't to be. 

Come play with me.
Catch me if you can.
Hurry and pick me up before he eats me.
Humans: "A-aw, they're look-a-likes.  They're so cute."
Hudson: "You smell pretty good to me.  Let's play."
Sushi: "Do we have to?"
Hudson: "I'll be your friend."
Sushi: "I said NO!"
Ah, come on.  Ple-e-ease.
Look how very handsome and well-behaved I am.
Okay, maybe you'd like to join me for some fun in the water.
No??  Gee, I don't get it.  I know.  You wanna try a different toy?
Pick me up now!  Now, I said!!  
No prob.  I play just fine alone.  Have a good day.  See ya later.

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  1. Hudson looks like a cool Poodle...we play together so well...Poodles and Doodles just click so well....Sophie Doodle you newest friend here in 2012 winkers!!