Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bill and Black Jack's Saturday at Bridgeman

One might wonder why I would describe Bill and Black Jack's Saturday at Bridgeman in a separate blog, but their experience was very different from mine. While I communed with nature, Black Jack did her dog thing, and Bill took care of all the details, so that I could play with my camera. As he said, he was just along for the ride. Ironic choice of words, since if he hadn't driven Black Jack to North Van (while I biked), she would have been unable to go at all. It is too cold now for her to travel with me on my bike. I did ask him if it was at least a good ride, and he answered that it was a great one. Phew.. counting my lucky stars again, and there are many. Here's a picture story to describe how I saw Bill and Black Jack's day.

Black Jack investigated many, many rocks. Bill followed.

Black Jack investigated more rocks. Bill followed, off camera.
Black Jack posed for a treat. Bill encouraged her to be polite.
Bill posed, compliantly, if not willingly, while holding Black Jack.
Black Jack accepted a few treats from Moses & Todd's kind human. (See a couple of blogs back, describing dogs we met.)

Todd (unlike most dogs) resisted Bill's gentle attempts to make friends. Black Jack enjoyed more treats off camera.
Treats gone, Black Jack led Bill down the trail. Bill checked out scenery on the fly.
Bill held up this leaf, so I could record the comparison in size to Black Jack's head. This was more difficult than it sounds, since Black Jack spotted something in the woods.
Bill held Black Jack when she pulled too much. This was fairly often; she was very excited.
After the walk, we went for a latte at JJ Bean. Bill saw this crow before I did.

Bill also saw this squirrel before I did.

With the crow, Bill and I all watching the squirrel, it decided to exit. Black Jack quivered, sensing its presence, but somehow, missed the actual sighting.

The crow was delighted to see the end of the squirrel, and picked up this garbage. No pic, but I watched it take the garbage to another crow waiting in the scaffolding (offspring, or mate perhaps). It then flew off, I presume for more hunting. The other crow picked through the paper, and appeared to be disappointed.
Bill enjoyed his latte and raspberry crisp while Black Jack kept an eye on things. She's really good (usually) about not asking for human food.

On the way home, Black Jack sat on my knee and watched the scenery/action on the street.
I'm really ashamed to say this, but we stopped at The Wicked on the way home, so I could get another latte. Bill waited in the truck with Black Jack. The pic says it all:) We stopped at the top of Point Grey hill for one more photo op, before heading home. Thank you, Bill, for a great day!


  1. Another latte? You are a woman after my own heart.

    Thanks for your concern about my poor spine. I will take good care.

  2. ok. I found an information here that i want to look for.

  3. Yup, another latte. I drank both and enjoyed every drop:)