Monday, October 13, 2008

No Pollyanna here today, but still thankful

Have to be honest. As weekends go, this wasn't the very best I've had. On the other hand, all that I have to be thankful for is still front and foremost. Life is good, even in the midst of working through some not so fun stuff.

I took Black Jack for a walk in the rain today. I say "took" because it really wasn't her idea. Unlike Scott, my last dog, who happily led me through sun, sleet, freezing rain, snow and minus 40 degree temps (Montreal, one crazy winter), Black Jack is a strictly fair-weather dog. Bill described one walk last week when he carried her to the end of the lane, hoping she would at least walk back home, but it wasn't to be. He had to either drag (not an option for him) or carry her, and carry her he did.

Today, I was determined to find something positive in this rainy day, and I guess she sensed that, because she agreed to come along. I wrapped my camera in a plastic bag (how bad is it if the lense gets wet, photo-experts out there?) and decided to record the Good and the Not So Great about the pouring rain. I ended up with eleven pictures, and if I alternate them, end up with a Good one at each end, so I think that says it all. Life is good - end of story.

Here's the first Good. With Black Jack sulking, but at least walking, we came to our ball-throwing field. I didn't bring the ball with me today, as I'm still concerned about her knees. However, she perked up, even with no ball, when she saw the field. And the reason she perked up was this sweetie, named Luka. I know the picture isn't perfect, but if you look closely, you can see just how endearing those eyes are, and Luka was extremely well-dressed in a very stylish red raincoat. He (I really hope I'm right that you are a "he" Luka. If you read this, please correct me if I've erred.) was running in the field (chased by his human:), and Black Jack sensed a possible playmate. She began racing around me (on leash), and after her little burst of happy, she and Luka met. Luka's human was a Good too. How many men will chase their dog on a rainy day, in a wet field, in the absence of a canine playmate?
And now for the first Not So Great. No, this is not a political statement. No politics in this blog, I promise. Black Jack never gets her leash tangled, but for some reason, she chose to walk under the spindly wire holding up this political sign. She was so determined to get home, she didn't even want to come back so I could untangle her. I wonder if she was hoping the sign would act as an umbrella.
Thank you to the home owner with my favorite sort of wild looking garden for this next Good. I suspect this kind of garden takes even more work than the neat, pretty ones. These red flowers at the front gate stopped me in my tracks. Seems they were loving the rain.
And here, Black Jack is quick to point out a Not So Great. Can you see my feet? That's how close she's staying to me, in her attempt to get a little protection from my rather small umbrella. And the look in her eyes? Think I better not translate.
Here's Luka again, looking at Black Jack, rather than my camera, but still a Good. Dogs on rainy days get 3 points, so there will be one more pic to come.
Okay, this only counts as a 0.5 Not So Great. Yes, she is soaked and somewhat miserable, but she has just spotted a black squirrel on the other side of the street. I quickly tried to juggle my umbrella, Black Jack's leash and get the camera out of its plastic bag, but completely missed the hoped for photo of the squirrel. At least I did catch Black Jack's focus. Like my last dog, her tail only uncurls in the presence of prey. Why is that? Concentration?
We're on Good #4 now. Have you been keeping track? Some of the loveliest Fall colors I've seen in Vancouver, since moving here almost ten years ago.
But even I have to admit, the woods were pretty bleak. Puddles everywhere and wet feet = Not So Great.
In the lane were these definitely Good-looking berries. No idea what they are, but they sure are pretty.
Absolutely soaked, here. Not So Great.
But Luka, sitting so, so perfectly, is the ultimate Good, and like all perfect stories, the Goods win today. Thanks, Luka, for your happy personality and cooperation in helping me with a rainy-day blog.


  1. Why are you walking in running shoes on a day like today, woman? Where are your wellies?!?

    You are most welcome for the tip on the neoprene gloves. I can cycle through most anything if my hands aren't freezing.

  2. I don't actually own any wellies, just as I never bought snow boots when I lived in Montreal. Somehow, the running shoes work in most situations, but yeah, I'm thinking about it:) Thanks for commenting. It made me laugh out loud.

  3. You too need muck boots! I promise that they are worth every penny, and they feel like running shoes on your feet.

  4. Don't think they sell them at MEC. I bought mine online at

    Super nice sellers, and the boots arrived within 4 days. I LOVE them.