Monday, October 20, 2008


There seems to be a rule about rain gear. If you put it on, the sun comes out. I laughed at myself for packing the camera yesterday morning. Musing over the subtleties of water volume in the "rain changing to showers" forecast, the common denominator seemed photo-taking would be unlikely.

The rain had stopped just before I headed out for an early-morning dentist appointment, so I packed rain pants, helmet cover and booties in my panniers. Half way there, the rain (or was it showers) came down.

I must have been a good twenty minutes
donning my gear and repacking my bags in the dentist's office, after a torture bite adjustment and cleaning. The receptionist tried politely to hide her opinion that only weird people cycle in the rain (or even showers). Along Broadway, down Hemlock to The Wicked for a soothing latte, over the Burrard Bridge, along Pacific, down Denman, and that's when the sun came out, and that's when the color red beckoned to me.

I tried to bike on by. I really did. And then I thought that there would never again be this precise display of colors and images. With just a few spare moments to play with, I turned back. The view was completely rearranged from the one I had admired only two days earlier.

I wanted a ladder to capture this row of trees, but was still happy with the "all in a line" moment.

I slowly became aware that the ducks and geese were enjoying the sun too. Bottoms up, little fellow. I hope you found what you were looking for.
Three duckies in a row, three non-conformers, and two "kings of the castle" geese.
The two geese and their reflections did a slow, beautiful water ballet for me and my camera.

Change of light, and time for me to go.


  1. I love duck bums. Mother nature has a good sense of humour.

    I am well, thank you. Much better today than yesterday. My doctor says that swelling after a bump like that can crowd the nerves, but she saw nothing to be worried about. X rays scheduled for tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! So glad to hear the words "nothing to be worried about". Keep my chiro fellow in mind, if pain persists. This guy is someone after our own heart (well maybe not the latte part:)