Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Critters and Cormorants

Okay, the first three pics are not officially critters, but I love them, so they earn the right to appear at the top of this blog.  This lion is on the right side of the bridge, just to my left as I head over the Lions Gate to North Van.  I greet him every morning.  I like to think that he wishes me a safe trip to the other side.  I love the close-up below.  I feel I could reach out and pinch those granite cheeks, but Bill says the first photo is my best.

And there are those who have described Black Jack as a weasel, so maybe she sort of qualifies as a critter.  I love the total eagerness of her open mouth in this one.


Three cormorants were sitting peacefully on a rock in the ocean.
I'll call them 3, 2 and 1 (from left to right) 
And then there were four.

4 approached 3, while 1 and 2 looked on.  A seagull swam by.

2 yelled at 3&4.  Was 3 its sibling?  Was 4 a Mom, and did she feed 3 first? 
1 said to 2, "I've had it with your shenanigans.  Knock it off."
4 flew away and then there were 3.  
Are 1 and 2 still hungry?  
I'm sorry, I don't know.  
Maybe you could fill in your own ending.
Okay, I agree it's not the very best of stories, but the herons are gone, and Cormorants are filling in until February.

You can tell the CRITTER part of this blog starts now.  See the sign?  There are some really thoughtful people in North Van who took the time to make and post these signs.  A good thing to do, in my book.  I pass them every day, and feel thankful.

I didn't really mean to post this over-exposed raccoon, but it is a critter, so I'll leave it.  It was wandering around in the heronry at Stanley Park one day, and I found its descent from the tree quite interesting.  The herons raised an incredible ruckus.  It was clearly up to no good.  
Bill and I met these goats in someone's farmyard, as we biked along the Galloping Goose trail.
Bill put his hand out in a friendly gesture, and even the turkey came running.  I guess lots of people feed them.
I love this picture.  Bill is so surprised when one of the goats sort of, in his words, "very firmly gums" his fingers.
This little fellow was the smallest.  I thought they all looked very well cared for.
Black Jack and this goat were curious to meet each other.  Both were very calm.

We met this bunny at the same time.  No pictures of Black Jack meeting it - she was having a fit in Bill's arms.

I went back to see the herons one day (1st two blog entries), and found all the nests empty.  I was a bit sad, but enjoyed the antics of this squirrel.  Black Jack was not with me, so the squirrel hung out calmly just a few feet away from me.

This squirrel was in a tree near the field by UBC where Black Jack and I usually play ball.  She had absolutely no interest in ball games that day.  The squirrel seemed quite happy in its safe spot above us.  

And finally, I guess this cat would not qualify as a critter, but it stared Bill, Black Jack and I down one day on a Point Grey Street.  Black Jack, as usual, in high prey drive mode, was having a total hissy fit.  The cat was neither impressed nor concerned.  I had to laugh.  Although I don't have a cat, I have HUGE respect for them.  I looked after one once for about a week, visiting it in its apartment in my building each day, and sitting with it for several hours.  We napped, watched TV and just hung out together with no problems for several days.  Then one day, when I went to leave, it attacked me at the door, leaving four deep puncture wounds in my lower leg.  I can only surmise that it was hoping I would stay longer.  I wasn't a happy camper, and it was many weeks before those wounds healed, but I didn't hold it against him.  As I said, very healthy RESPECT for cats.


  1. I can't believe that fence contains those goats. Amazing. The long-eared ones look like Nubians and the shorty looks like a Nigerian Dwarf (similar to pygmies). Gosh, I love goats.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Interesting. I never even thought about the fact that goats come in different breeds. These were so friendly and sweet, and best of all, they appeared to be well looked after. It was great fun taking pics and saying "hello". Black Jack was mildly curious about them, but frantic to get at the bunny.

  3. Beautiful blog Carol! Sounds like you are leading avery content life - great to hear. Thanks for dropping in on my blog. I had no idea! Cristina