Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn beauty is irresistible

Yesterday was again an incredibly beautiful day.  Although I had pressing work to do, I finally had to give in and pull out the camera.  My justification was that the perfect Fall days will end soon, and although I know Winter will present different opportunities to enjoy the bike route, it seems I'm not quite ready to let go of Autumn treasures.

I stopped here, because I saw a woodpecker.  By the time the camera was out of my bag, the woodpecker had disappeared, but this squirrel came along to save the moment.
This scene presented itself as I turned left from Denman Street, onto West Gerogia.
There were lots of these stunning red flowers around, but this one called to me.
There were lots of geese too, so close I could have touched them.  They didn't seem to mind me or my bike at all.  I liked this one for the intensity in its travels to find munchies.
As I came onto the Lions Gate, this procession of logs caught my attention.  I've often seen the logs gathered near the shore to my left, but this was the first time I saw them en route.  Here is the front end..
the back end..
..and a view of the entire procession.
I did want to hurry home after work, but the sunset and sky were magnificent.
One view including the bridge..
One view of the sparkling trees to my right.  They seemed to catch some of the purple from the sunset.
Each time I raised my eyes from behind the camera, the drama and emotion of the view intensified.  Honestly, I didn't quite succeed in remaining dry-eyed.
It was almost dark when I took this one, and my camera complained a little, but still captured the moment.
This one of the Burrard Bridge was taken a couple of weeks ago.  I was fascinated with the lights, and found out as I googled, that they were put there to remember the comfort cold and lonely soldiers found during the war, when they were able to gather around a fire.  I am also intrigued by that middle section with the lights behind the windows.  Wouldn't that make an amazing apartment?
Last night, I stopped, turned around, and took a few looking north.

Then, home to one of Bill's good suppers, some sleep, and finally to the sadly neglected work.


  1. Awesome photos!! I love the closeups of the bridge - I've never really seen the detail before.
    As for the sunset and the fall colours - breathtaking.
    I am having a hard time getting anything done this month - I think it is the most beautiful fall I can remember. You capture it so very well.

  2. Great shots of the log boom moving along. And what a sunset! Didn't look like that in Deroche.

  3. dp: A boom! That's what it's called. Thanks:)

    Easy to miss a sunset. I think there must have been another great one last night. Could just see hints from the window in front of my desk at school. It was long gone by the time I biked home.

    Jean: Thanks:) Midterms. Ugh. Do you have them three times a year too? (The high school where I work is on a trimester system. Feels like we just finish one set, and it's time to start the next.)

  4. You did a really good job with those pictures. I keep meaning to write a post about some local wild peacocks, but always forget to take my camera when I head out their way. They only come out at dusk. I refuse to write the post without photos.

  5. nm: Thanks:) I, for one, will look forward to that post.

  6. Autumn... my favorite time of the year. You took some great shots! You should see the colors out here in Ontario. Amazing! I took some pictures and posted them a couple of weeks ago. You would like them Im sure. Take a look when you get a chance. :) The first half of Autumn here was hot! Like 20+ hot!! And this last half has hit -5 and snowed.... Brrr!!
    Hope you two are well.

  7. Thanks, Neville! We're doing just fine. And you're right, I love the Autumn pictures. I love all the photos you post, but your passion for the Halloween season stands out.

  8. I really like the photo of the sunset taken on the bridge railing!