Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dogs we met today at Bridgeman Park

He is 17 years old, and he trotted along with no sign of joint pain that I could detect. His eyes and ears were a little weak, but he was a happy, confident dog. And the meaning of the letters OD. I love this part. They stand for "Our Dog"

He investigated his world with curiosity and pleasure.

Poor quality photo. Sorry OD. But I love his left front paw lifted in determination to catch up to his humans (and my treats).

And my favorite shot of him.

Moses and Todd
(I hope I have the names right. Apologies, if not.)
They are both rescue dogs, and although their human felt she has erred in allowing them to feel they are in charge, she added that she loves them. This needed no saying. It was obvious. I felt great happiness for these dogs.


Moses (13 years old)

The Rock Chaser
I didn't find out this dog's name, but its human obligingly threw rocks in the water for a long time. Large ones. Bill and I were concerned one of them might harm him/her, but all was well. It barked loudly and demandingly each time the human was slow to throw another rock. When the rock flew through the air, it didn't actually chase it. Rather, it ran back and forth along the shore line, barking gleefully. It never tired of this game. This Sheltie had a great time today at the park.

The visitor
Another dog whose name I didn't find out, but Black Jack stared at him/her longingly. He was about to ignore her, but finally responded to her plea, and returned to say hi.
A cute pup
It was a great day to watch dogs. And thanks, humans. It was fun meeting you too!

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