Wednesday, October 22, 2008

People I think about and a mental note

First, a couple of pics of Black Jack. In this one, she really wants her bully stick. It's her cute act, and I think she hopes her performance will result in my getting it for her. She expects it each night, and never really settles until she's had her 15 or 20 minute chew time.
I think her enjoyment and intense focus come through here. I hope bully sticks are safe for her. One horror story scares me, but I supervise carefully. It would be sad to stop this routine.
This is about as short as I allow them to get. I will throw this one in the garbage tonight, and she'll start a new one tomorrow.

And the mental notes:

There are a few people I meet on a fairly regular basis during my morning commutes. Sometimes I wonder if they recognize me or if the interest is one-sided. I've made a mental note that one day, I'll find the time to stop and say "hi" to them.

1. A man walks on 8th in the mornings with his cat. The cat is not on leash, but it is evident, even though there is always a little distance between them, that they are going for a walk together. The man carries a cane, but I've never seen him put it to the ground. I wonder if he carries it to scare off dogs or coyotes or other threats to the cat's safety.

2. A lady rounds the corner off Denman, onto Pacific (or is it Beach?) with her elderly dog. They appear to understand each other's morning stiffness, and at the same time, are comfortable with the outdoor time. I worry about each of them a little, but hopefully that will not come across, if I ever summon the courage to stop and talk to them.

3. The guy on the unicycle going west on 8th. I meet him at least once a week. I wonder how far he travels. This morning, I thought I saw him on a regular two-wheeler, but I'm not absolutely sure it was him.

4. A dad cycles with two kids (maybe 8 and 10 years of age), even on rainy days. All three dressed up in their gear, on the way to school, I guess. Maybe he teaches, or maybe he goes for his own ride after he drops the kids off. I think about the time it takes me to pack my panniers in the morning, and then I imagine the three of them getting ready, with three sets of morning moods to coordinate . I wonder how far they travel too.

5. A young girl who always gives me a BIG smile on the way UP Point Grey hill, as I fly down.


  1. I love the morning exchange between cyclists on the Point Grey hill, each aware that their roles will swapped sometime later in the day. We must have crossed paths at least once over the years, non?

    Now I am curious about the man with the cat and the stick as well.

  2. Yes, I would think we must have. Funny how it took the Woo lady to get us talking:)

    Thanks for putting your finger on that exchange. I sensed/enjoyed it too, but it took your words to bring it to the front of my consciousness.

    One day, I hope I have the opportunity to talk with the man and his cat.

    I smiled at the lady with her dog yesterday morning, and she didn't respond. Funny how writing about her made me think she would magically know. Two people walking dogs can have that sort of exchange, but less likely with one of them cycling and no dog in sight:)

  3. I read through a whole heap 'o blog posts today and again felt SOOO privileged to live in Vancouver... and to know a person who appreciates Vancouver so much!

    I also see certain people every morning & wonder if I'll ever chat with them; there's a dignified looking man who runs across the Lion's Gate bridge early every morning, and a grey-moustached fellow who comes along the 15th Ave bike route in North Van. Then there's a 'energizer bunny' who races up the Lion's gate bridge full-tilt, his bike swaying back & forth which each pedal!

    I used to name the people I saw on the 2nd narrows, just for fun. "Redbeard" and "Yellowjacket"... names like that.

    Every once in a while I wonder what would happen if one of us commuters put up a sign saying "Lion's gate commuters gathering" with a date & email address... :-)

  4. I enjoyed your comment, Mali. Thanks for reading, and responding. Fun to have a peek through your eyes. May possibly have met your dignified man. Have to admit, all the people passing me seem like energizer bunnies:)