Friday, July 11, 2014

A Trip to Nelson Park

Yesterday, after finishing a crossword puzzle (yay!), we biked to Nelson Park.  We don't go there often but enjoyed our visit.  The gardens were lush and potential shots for Orange You Glad It's Friday (thanks, Maria!) were everywhere.   I spent a bit more time than usual trying to identify plants.  If I'm mistaken about any of them, your input, as always will be greatly appreciated.  I think this is Crocosmia Lucifer. 
Here it is with a bit more perspective.
Bill noticed the birdhouses in two trees. I wonder if the painter of this one realized how the play of light through the branches had much in common with the colourful patterns. 
There was even an orangey-brown roof on one of the houses across the street.
We didn't see any birds entering or leaving the houses,
but perhaps the young have already fledged and moved on.
I did see one bit of nesting material on this polka-dot house.
I wonder if the stripes of the blue house and the steps of the apartment building were intentionally "matched" for the birds' viewing pleasure :) 
I peered carefully at each fire-escape balcony and loved that there was a tiny orange bloom on one of them.
The beauty around us was a bit deceptive.  Bill and I were both privy to a young couple's argument and there were quite a few squabbles amongst the dogs in the enclosure behind the garden.  Bill and Black Jack walked the length of the park and then found a shaded bench beside a tiny pond.  Even there, a sad young woman hid her head in her hands so I didn't take photos of this small but lovely oasis.  The park is close to the hospital where Bill spent many weeks this past year.  I thought about the patients, their families and the solace I hope these people eventually found from the surroundings.   
The centre of this poppy (Papaver?) had artistic merit, though the bloom was past its peak.
These are marigolds, I think.  They had a wonderful mixture of oranges and yellows.
The orange stamens at the centre of these lilies..
and the subtle stripes..
 of the pink-mauve petals were worthy of a painting.
This was an over-exposed shot, but sun seemed to shoot out from the petals.
The "skirts" of this poppy waved in the breeze, sometimes catching orange highlights.
Walking up from behind, I was already delighted with this ragdoll-scarecrow,
but her face, hair ribbons..
orange sash,
and determination to keep those nasty birds away brought her to life for me.
There were mystery squares attached to the fence,
created to add a whimsical touch, perhaps.
We rode our bikes home along the seawall.  It is impossible to give you the full impression..
of the wall-to-wall kayaks and boards that crossed English Bay.  Those little specs in the water are just a few of them.  Neither Bill nor I had ever seen so many at one time.
I don't think I've ever seen so many Bush Tits in one tree, either, and they too, evaded a picture that really portrays what we saw.  Here are two, caught with my small lens..
and I felt lucky to catch this one a few minutes later with the 500 mm.
It really seemed to enjoy the orangey-brown cones..
but its expression, to me, had an element of exhaustion in it.
Perhaps I had been watching for orange a bit too much but I saw subtle shades of it, even in the branches and in the highlights of the bush tit's feathers.
No orange here.  This one is for Haley.
Bill did this spontaneously.  Very little prompting is required to bring out his sweet funny side.  I hope it makes Haley laugh :)
We continued on our way, but stopped by this False Creek railing because I don't often see black pigeons..
and this one's eyes and feet were orangey-pink.
A few reflections caught my eye as we looked over the railing, and then..
Black Jack reminded me that it was past her supper time.  Do you see the orange highlights?
Bill prepared an organic cantaloupe for dessert.  Oh my, so orange and so good!  Thanks, Bill, and thanks to you for finding time in your day to drop by.  For more orange hues, perhaps you will find a few more minutes to drop by Orange You Glad It's Friday


  1. the bush tits are adorable. even beautiful days can be filled with strife.

  2. I love the hunt for orange. The scarecrow is the most beautiful one I have seen! I too hope the picture of my brother and the rose makes Haley smile! Phyllis

  3. Marvelous photos, thanks for sharing your day♪

  4. The cantaloupe is a juicy end to a luscious day, Carol. Your new camera is picking up detail and colour brilliantly!

  5. Wonderful series of photos ~beautiful ~ Love Black Jack ~ thanks, xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)