Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meeting Jonathan Borofsky

Black Jack, Tupper, a mystery waterbug and fictional Enzo were my critters of the day yesterday, each linked to other events.  There was a crossword puzzle and a bike ride to Olympic Village, a chance to see a little of the man behind Jonathan Borofsky's art, a few moments in the boulder circle with Bill, another few moments with Black Jack, watching ripples around some waterbugs, a supermoon walk after supper, and Bill's reading aloud to me of Chapters 56 and 57 of  The Art of Racing in the Rain.

At Harrison Galleries, the treats were excellent, the atmosphere calm and the crossword completed with a reasonable effort.  We are getting better at them, though there are still some that make our brains hurt.  I don't take photos every single time we complete one, but Black Jack, in this one, appears to be checking our accuracy..  
and I'm not sure she is fully satisfied with our efforts . We'll have to verify the answers later today :)
We biked afterwards from the gallery to the waterfront.  I spotted Tupper as we passed our apartment so we delayed our trip to Olympic Village for a few minutes.  She called to me..
and then landed.  A few salmon treats and a couple of photos and then..
it was time to go.  She didn't really want us to leave, but we..
knew there was to be a reception for Jonathan Borofsky at Hinge Park.  We were happy to see "Human Structures" unveiled.  Over the past few weeks, we had tried to see as much of..   
it as we could from behind the fenced enclosure, but finally, we could feel and touch the figures, a " symbol of humanity’s connectedness to each other."
Bill and I had read some information about the work and..
about Johanthan Borofsky (shown on the left) so we waited behind the gentleman on the right for a chance to ask Mr. Borofsky a few questions and perhaps express a few thoughts. I already knew that his art was having an impact on me..  the happy colours, the positive human connections.  What I came away with after our short conversation was a sense of his honesty and of his fondness for animals (he pet Black Jack as we talked).  Perhaps, a future work with the interconnectedness of all living beings (talk about a broad theme :) lies in wait.   
The sun was hot so this nearby circle of shaded boulders.. 
was a delightful respite.
At my feet were some mystery berries, 
and just a few steps on the other side of the boulders was a grassy bank where Black Jack and I sat for a few moments watching the ripples in the water. 
Even with my big lens, I couldn't make out the identity of these waterbugs,
but they kept the two of us fascinated..
for quite a few minutes.
Walking back to the boulders where Bill was "zoning out" I came across this little doll.  I couldn't quite put my finger on why she made me sad.  Her posture, I guess, and the fact that she was "all dolled up" only to be abandoned.
I looked over to where the reception continued, and saw that many had gathered for a photo in front of the sculpture.  My big lens caught quite a bit of detail.  I love the bikes and the dog entering from the right side.  It strikes me that bikes are somehow symbolic to the connective theme as well.  
This is my favourite photo of the artist. Head back, laughter..  I caught it with the big lens. 
From my spot quite a distance from the main action, the Biennale flag and the sculpture appeared to be side by side in front of windows with (perhaps) hiding humans and their own thoughts about the day and the event.  I am deeply grateful to the creators of Vancouver Biennale and the staff who work hard to bring artists and their work into our lives.
When Bill and I walked later in the evening, it was hard to miss Supermoon.
I am so grateful that Bill and Black Jack let me.. 
take as many photos as I like of them and of our surroundings.
Lots of the photos are far from perfect, but oh my, they give such pleasure..
as they bring back moments of the day.
You can learn a bit more about "The Art of Racing in the Rain" in the 3-minute trailer.  It certainly keeps the "critter" theme alive for Saturday's Critters (thank you, Eileen) and Camera Critters (thank you, Misty.  Happy Saturday, everyone.  Thanks ever so much for stopping by!


  1. Carol, what a great post, Black Jack is good at crossword puzzles too. And it is nice to see the sculpture up close, it is colorful. Love the beautiful moon shot. Thanks for sharing your post with my critter party.. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi Carole what an interesting post today. That colourful sculpture is wonderful and you got a great shot of the sculptor. Love the seagull. Have a good wekkend.

  3. Lots of fantastic shots and so creative ~ How great that treats were available for the fur person ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. What a beautiful shot of the moon you got! I love it when the moon reflects on the water

  5. i like the reflection shots and that neat sculpture.

  6. Wow … looking at the super moon photo makes me wonder if your new camera is related to a Nasa telescope. The dolled-up toy on the rock is possibly being missed by a little girl. Maybe she’ll see this post and remember where she left it. :)

  7. I love the colours of the sculpture and of the supermoon. But my favourite photo is the ripples in the water one - almost Monet-like in its effect.
    I think the berries are Oregon grapes, and the bug perhaps a water strider?

  8. That is a wonderful sculpture! Looks like you all had a wonderful day.

  9. When I read/view your posts, I have to laugh and enjoy how lucky you and I are to have patient men who allow us to photograph them and write about them in our blogs! Your Bill is definitely a good sport and a wonderful companion. Have a happy Sunday!

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