Sunday, July 13, 2014

To Stop or not to Stop

Vancouver will be in the midst of a heatwave for a few days.  I'm generally okay with that but worry for Bill and for others who find temperature extremes difficult.  We rode from Yaletown to Trout Lake Park yesterday, a longer trip than usual, but there was a wonderfully shaded spot for cooling down.  I left Bill there and peeked around this corner to see one young person busy on his smartphone and two others engrossed in a guitar lesson. 
I caught a fleeting glance of a hummingbird, but it was gone before I could lift the camera to my eye.  Black Jack, who rarely pants, told me Bill was the smart one..
 and that we should head back to him sooner than later.  I caught a fuzzy-sparkly dragonfly.. 
 and the very top branch of a tree full of heard but not seen birdlife.. 
and then followed her excellent advice.  We came back to the hummingbird spot on our bikes before we left the park, but my best catch of the day was right in front of my eyes :)
This morning (Sunday), I rose early and took the False Creek Ferry to Granville Island with Black Jack.  She had a little cuddle with her friend, Kevin, the owner of Bonny Lee Charter Boats.  He told me there are at least ten otters living in the area and Black Jack confirmed that with her frantic sniffing all about the docks.  We didn't see any, but I managed to catch another fuzzy shot of a dragonfly.
Then we walked to the ferry by the Cambie Bridge.  We didn't stop much.  These flowers..
 some reflections, 
 a couple of young.. 
 and Mrs. Mallard.. 
 with a late-season brood were about as much action as I felt called upon to record.
 Black Jack pointed the way home (for breakfast)..
 and I thought these (fuzzy) dandelions agreed with her :)
All of my shots had a softness to them this morning that seemed to suit our mood so I think I'll just enjoy them as they are. 
 There is a piano by the ferry stop.  I first noticed this gentleman's hands in the air more than on the keys.  They were expressive, either way.
 As I got a little closer, I saw that he was talking to a gentleman sitting on a small step.  His topic was "to stop or keep going" and he was using the song "Do Re Mi" to illustrate. 
 He tried to show that the "re" sound insisted he keep going.  I understand he meant one had to reach the home key to feel at rest, but thought..
 his little illustration could be a metaphor for life.  I love the expression in the photo below.  He clearly was loving the moment and the exercise of really, really listening.
 Here, he continues to play softly but he listens to a story the sitting gentleman (not photographed) tells him.  He is a man who knows when to listen and when to talk, when to stop and when to keep going.  At least, that was my impression and somehow, it fit with my fuzzy focuses, mellow mood, and keen awareness of the many kinds of beauty around me. 
 As the ferry pulled up, I caught one more fuzzy shot.  The pink lining of this crow's mouth indicated youth, but  the "fe-e-e-ed me now-ow-ow-ow!!! caws were unmistakeable proof that nitty gritty reality is never far around the corner.
Here's a cooky version of "do re mi" just in case you are feeling a little bit fuzzy yourself at this moment.  If there are any little ones around you, maybe they will stop for a moment and enjoy it with you. I hope you see and/or hear some wonderful moments in your day and if you find time to share them on Sundays in My City, so much the better :)


  1. You always find such interesting people on your walks and bike rides as well as nature's best.

  2. sorry you're still fighting with your camera. i loved the reflection shot.

  3. A lovely series of photos.. It has been hot & humid here, we usually take our time while outdoors in the heat.. I love the shot of your Bill and Black Jack! Enjoy your new week!

  4. That dragonfly shot is fabulous but I agree with your best "catch"!

  5. Such great shots! They all look quite interesting.

  6. So many beautiful photos. As for your incoming wave of expected heat... I don't blame him, I'm partial to cooler temps.

  7. Stay cool and safe in the heatwave! I love how in love with animals and nature you are. The photos of the ducks and ducklings are adorable!

  8. Love the reflections photo! And the do-re-mi song - I've never heard that version and it will now be in my head all morning. :)