Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summertime in Vancouver

We biked around the seawall yesterday, enjoying a variety of Vancouver's summertime features.  Our first stop was by a little pond set back from the hubbub of passing cyclists, skateboarders, wheelchair athletes and walkers.  We had enjoyed the waxwings and red winged blackbirds a couple of days earlier but there was no sign of them this time.  It felt like an entirely different place.

A dragonfly, slim and delicate, rested on a leaf.
 Some geese landed noisily.
 A heron hid in the reeds, 
and then flew.. 
 to the other side of the pond.
 The geese cleared a path for..
 the landing.
 A sunbather was eating lunch behind us and this bird (id help welcomed) landed, hoping for a crumb.    
This house sparrow (Thanks, ChrisJ) rejected crumbs in favour of a more natural diet.
 Is that the dragonfly?  Chain of life, I guess, but still sorta sad. 
Back on our bikes, we enjoyed the perfect day.  Not too hot.  Not too cold.  Just a little breeze.  People moved at a variety of speeds and there was a place for all.  We chose a shady bench to sit for a while, a sudden lull in the activity feeling as though the world had come to a stop.  We talked, declared our love for each other and were gloriously content until a cormorant, learning to fly, crash landed on the bike path.  Stunned, it managed to pick itself up, limp to the edge of the seawall and fly from there to the water.  I still think about it this morning.  Nature is as unforgiving as it is beautiful, something that I accept with difficulty.  Back on our bikes, I was grateful to Bill for helping me shake the sadness.  He chose the next stop at Sunset Beach.    A group of young musicians were playing, "You Are My Sunshine."  I learned that they are the Carlo Rossi Gang
 There was a lot of fun..
 and festivity in their music. 
I looked around and wondered for the umpteenth time how we manage to have tropical trees in a temperate climate, but the Palm trees do seem to flourish.
 I took a few more pictures of the musicians,
 thinking that their old-time joie de vivre..
 must make even the seagulls happy.
The sun poured over Bill and Black Jack,
 and over the flowers marking the border between the street and the beach.
 On the other side of the street, there were more flowers,
 and behind those, the shops on Denman Street.
 At first, I didn't see Joe Liang.  He was in the small garden between the two main streets.
 Whenever I have the opportunity to photograph..
 action such as this, I yearn for another chance to get it right.
  Joe is incredibly fit, and was willing to repeat spectacular moves over and over..
 but my big lens had to catch what it could from the other side of the street.
No, Joe isn't holding on to the tree in this one, 
 and yes, these are complete revolutions.   
 I hope I come across you again, Joe. 
 My wish would be for the same magnificent light..
 over a larger and less cluttered space.
   But, if that doesn't happen, I will remember your..
 energy, friendly manner, and remarkable talent.
Our ride home took us down a lovely hill by the ocean (remember that one, Sherrill?) and we rode it with adrenalin flowing but stomachs rumbling. It was 9:30 when we finally had supper! 
Bill said to blame it on the sunset :)  I'll share our day with Our World Tuesday.   Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers who keep it running, and to you for taking time to stop by for a read.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.


  1. That photo of Joe upside down doing the splits is incredible. You timed that one perfectly and what a way to end the day on you two lovers with that superb sunset.

  2. Not too hot and not too cold with a soft breeze is exactly how I would describe the weather at Crescent Beach yesterday. If this corner of the world were like Goldilocks, it had stumbled on the perfect summer’s day. It does seems paradoxical when “chain of life” activities continue in the face of such serenity.

  3. crazy acrobat! love the heron shots.

  4. What a beautiful day!!! Hugs for you both. Phyllis

  5. Wow, gorgeous series of photos. The birds are wonderful, love the people shots with the musician and acrobat. The sky shots are gorgeous.. Great post, Carol. Enjoy your day!

  6. Beautiful series Carol, the heron pictures are a standout for me. Great people shots, it is so good to see people out enjoying the summer,

  7. love the aqua color of the dragon fly - impressive captures of the guy in motion too.

  8. Thanks for all the B words!
    Have a nice weekendd.