Friday, July 4, 2014

Some playful oranges and Happy July 4th!

I am editing this post to wish our friends and neighbours to the south a very happy July 4th celebration.  How could I have forgotten?!  Here are some Fun Facts about the Declaration of Independence.  One of many that I found interesting is that there are 59 places in the United States with the word "liberty" included in their name.  
I took these two photos in July 2012, at the Vancouver fireworks show (Italy's presentation).  
Continuing with my original post:
The theme of youth flows, though it wasn't planned, from the last post right into this one.  As we kept an eye out yesterday for oranges to include in the young-spirited meme, Orange You Glad It's Friday (thank you, Maria), playfulness and fun seemed to follow us.

A young starling caught the sun..
 as did a beautiful bumble-bee with an orangey band around its middle.
 The remnants of a bullrush caught the wind as it swung from a bridge railing,
 and the stripes in a daisy radiated warmth.
Our front bike wheels overlapping, Bill's strong leg and sporty shoe (with teeny orange stripes), Black Jack's amber eyes gazing forward - lots of symbolism in this photo.    
 Bill was by my side throughout every photo and every thought yesterday.   The depth of my appreciation for his presence in my life is pretty much bottomless.
As we rode our bikes through Olympic Village, the strains of some very cool jazz reached our ears, and though we had had a big day and couldn't stay long, we had to stop for a short listen.  It didn't take long to realize we were in the presence of three extraordinary musicians.  The Ross Bliss Trio plays in the "contemporary Gypsy Jazz idiom" and I hope we will have another opportunity to hear them.  Andy Milne is on the left and Claude Perrault on the right.

Ross Bliss was musically and technically brilliant!  

There were two of these 5-metre tall birds.  You can read about them here.  This photo will not win any photography awards :) but I like it.  You can find Bill on the left and there are two orange dogs under the sparrow's wing that will make their appearance shortly.
The sun brought out orangey tones in the feet..
and head of the sparrow.  
 Even the surrounding architecture seemed determined to get into the "orange" act.
 I talked to the ladies with the two "orange" dogs.  They were very kind..
 in allowing me to take photos of them with sweet Riley (below and above)
 and heart throb, Pierre. 
 Here's Riley again.  Just a pup..
 with a whole lot of living to do :)
Later in the evening, Bill and I walked in David Lam Park.  There's no orange in the photo below, caught at the last second, but it boggled my brain to see that fellow with his feet on the handlebars.  Not to worry. Bill and I won't be imitating him any time soon :)
 The sky had subtle shades of tangerine..
 and even this jet had some copper-orange in it.
 There was an element of playful fantasy as the moon slipped in and out of wispy clouds, 
 and in these young people..
  who joked around.. 
 with a frisbee.
 It was great fun to watch them.
 Playful and with a sense of humour,
 something tells me they will retain these qualities..
 to make happy futures for themselves and everyone around them.
The light almost gone, I barely managed to catch these dog.  What a wonderful day.  Thank you, Bill!  The oranges would have been there without you but you made them shine a lot brighter.  And, thank you, Maria, for Orange You Glad It's Friday.  It's a delightful meme.   


  1. love all the playful pups and young folks playing frisbee/ring toss. :)

  2. I love the way you arrange your photos to tell a story. There is so much nourishment for the eye and spirit here. Your pictures of the kids playing with the frisbee are so full of movement and joy. Just lovely!

  3. You have a whole beautiful story here of your wonderful day (and life). I enjoyed it all so much. I love days like this, just enjoying whatever ..or whoever ) comes along. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow...busy time...and all the great smiles. {pets and humans alike!!!}
    Loved it.

    I'm here today to let you know I shared a photo of Tupper and a link to your post telling everyone about the extraordinary bird....on my bird photo blog...