Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our World Yesterday

Yesterday was one of those days when I felt we live in Paradise.  I'll share the highlights with Our World Tuesday, a meme begun over three years ago by Klaus Peter, and now carried on through the faithful work of volunteers: ArijaGattinaLady FiSylviaSandy and Jennifer.  My thanks to each one of them!

Two new pieces of art were on display at Harrison Galleries where we enjoyed lattés and completed yet another crossword puzzle.   I hope "Eight More to Go" and.. 
"Brown Bottles" by Kiff Holland will stay up for a while so that my eyes can begin to absorb the beautiful complexity of light, reflection and shadow in each of them. 
As we left Harrison's, Bill and I knew we wanted to ride our bikes, but weren't sure exactly where our route would take us.  We started down Richards Street, turned right at the seawall and it was only then that the idea struck me to take our bikes on the Aquabus to Granville Island, ride from there through Olympic Village and then back home again.  Getting our bikes onto the boat at low tide meant lifting the front end up, and mine, with Black Jack in her basket, would have been a challenge for me but Bill was up to it and Black Jack lay in her basket, calmly checking out the scenery as though we had done it a 100 times before.
 Once on the island, we sat for a bit, people watching and.. 
listening to a busker play a delightful selection of classical guitar pieces.
 I walked to the edge of the platform, looked left to the Burrard Bridge,
 and right to the Granville Bridge, thinking about the many ways people enjoy False Creek.
 Happy after the mini-concert, we got on our bikes.  The plan was to keep going until at least halfway home, but Bill stopped..
 after we had passed through..
 a particularly gorgeous section..
 of the bike path..
 to say that I really should..
 take some photos.
 He and Black Jack waited in a shaded area while I oohed and awed over the flowers.
 The sun was in my eyes, so though I snapped away happily, it was only when I went through the pictures later that I found myself laughing and laughing at Bill's antics.
 Black Jack considered her view into the bushes, and her opportunities for a nice massage..
 way more interesting than looking in the direction of the camera.  Bill tried his best..
 to encourage her to look forward, but she can be quite stubborn at times :)
 I didn't see the glasses on her at all until I went through the photos.  Thanks, Bill, for a laugh out loud moment when that photo turned up! 
 We continued on to a pond that often feels like Grand Central Station as seagulls fly in and out for their daily bath.  Bill and Black Jack entertained themselves and I tried my best to figure out my new camera's settings for bird flight.  Many efforts later and I had to admit defeat, but I remember the learning curve with the D90.. 
 and realize I'm going to have to pay my dues (like read the manual!) with the D7100..  
 before achieving the action shots I desire. 
I loved the peacefulness of the pond's greenery..
 and the pale moon in a late afternoon sky and felt we had had a perfect day.
But, there was a lot more pleasure in store.  This group (they were playing together for the first time and don't as yet have a name) was incredible!
 They didn't even have a hat out to collect donations!  I love that Vancouver has initiated..
a Keys to the Streets program that puts 10 pianos in city parks for the use of anyone with the courage to display their talent.  The bass player was not smiling at me, but rather so completely into the music that his smile came from somewhere within.  
 The piano player could have been..
 a star in his own right..
 but he had a great way of shining when the moment demanded it..
 and lending the perfect support to his fellow musicians when their time to shine arrived.
 There was such camaraderie and  communication between the musicians, it was hard to believe they were playing together for the first time.
 I loved that there was no amplification!  Just a few excellent musicians and a very appreciative audience that included Bill and Black Jack.
 We were about to leave when Bill noticed this fellow on the other side of the bike path.
 Yet another great talent and another opportunity for me to practice action shots.
I learned quite a bit about this fellow without ever asking his name. Here, he offered some tips to a fellow cyclist who, I think, was unknown to him.  
 It is one of life's mysteries to me that anyone can do this.
 This next sequence blew me away.  Up onto the wall..
 swing the back wheel..
 to his right so that it lands, ready to ride in the opposite direction.  Oh. My. Goodness!
 I can only dream of such..
We talked for a bit.  I learned that the rider had grown up in Montreal but was now finding Vancouver a great place to develop his riding skills.  Bill was very curious about his bike that has no seat! (use of bold font and exclamation mark reflect my response to that) and many custom-designed features developed by the rider over years of trial and error.  I have to add that the rider took time to give Black Jack a much appreciated massage.  
I smiled later to see the response of the people here.  Admiration.  Amusement.  No fear.  Somehow, you knew he could do this safely!
He said he wasn't in condition.  Well, I guess that's all relative.  What I know is that we had an amazing day of superb entertainment with lots of outdoor time in perfect weather.  Thank you to every person who contributed to that.  I have put only a few of the photos here.  They are JPegs but should you wish any of them in Raw format, do let me know.  Thanks for stopping by.  To peek into the lives of people from around the world, I hope you might find some time to stop by Our World Tuesday.    


  1. A day full of entertainment that I am so glad you have shared. Looking into the musicians' faces you could see the sheer joy that playing an instrument so competently gave them. When will we see photos of Bill doing some of those tricks on his bike?

  2. love the street concert! and the apples and 'amber' bottles, too. i know you'll figure out your camera - much better than i know anything of mine after years...

  3. By the clarity of the moon where I can actually see craters on a bright day, you have an excellent camera to work with. Despite the newness, you have captured a terrific group of action shots … even before reading the manual, which is rarely fun for anyone. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your special day. I really like the photo of the smiling bass player! You can really see that music tapping something deep inside him!