Sunday, July 27, 2014

Skillz, ponds and fireworks

The day started out with a test shot of Black Jack yesterday.  She is so used to the camera she barely gave me a glance before falling back asleep.
After lattés and a completed crossword at Harrison Galleries, we rode our bikes to English Bay.  We were off to see Joe, a young man I posted about recently.  He and his friends were doing a Circle of Skillz event he has set up for the 8th consecutive year.  This year, money was raised for Cancer research.     
Joe is featured above and in the next 3 photographs.  

He and his friends show a lot of initiative and talent.   
I took many, many photos and will do a facebook album of them later today.  
For now, I'll post an assortment of some of the feats I enjoyed.  I'm sorry I didn't learn the names of any of the participants but my respect for and appreciation of them is heartfelt.  

Just one interruption of the Skillz photos.  This could very well disturb bird lovers and soft-hearted people in general.  It happened during the event, but to be honest, I think only Bill and I noticed.  A Bald Eagle nabbed a young seagull and carried the poor juvenile in his/her talons, all the while chased by the adult seagulls.  True drama and very unpleasant to think about, as the juvenile cried piteously, as did the adult seagulls chasing the eagle through the sky.  I do not feel any animosity to the eagle.  S/he was simply doing what has to be done to stay alive.  There are just two photos here that you may want to skip.

As you can see, Bill and Black Jack were by my side, just where I love them to be.  
The English Bay area was chaotic, with the first of three fireworks shows planned for the evening, and the weather drawing people from far and wide.
And now, back to an assortment of Skillz photos.  One hand here!

We left English Bay, returning home by the bike route that passes a favourite pond and then on to Canada Place.  I watched dragonflies doing what dragonflies do,
and was mesmerized, as I always am..
by the delicacy of their wings.
Only one bird gave me a chance for a photo..
but s/he sure was a cute one.
Bill suggested this stop.  Funny how things look so different when you travel in the opposite direction.  Neither of us..
had noticed this fountain before.
I took a few moments to admire..
the reflections. 
This fountain is obviously a bathing centre for seagulls.  Given what I had seen earlier, it made me really happy..
to see how much they were enjoying themselves.  The second one from the left has rolled over on his/her back :)
"Come on in, the water is perfect!"
We stopped again at the Art Gallery.  I was interested to see that Douglas Coupland..
is exhibiting until September 1st.  I hope we can explore his work in more depth soon.
The event that had caught our attention was a multicultural celebration with loud music, some singing and some dancing.  We didn't learn a whole lot about the goal of the event, chased away, as we sometimes are, when volume levels become painful.   
And just to round out an already full day, we walked with hundreds of others along the False Creek walkway to get a taste of the fireworks celebration.  
We stayed behind the Burrard Bridge, so our view really was just a taste, but that was..
enough for us.  I admit that I am still waiting for silent fireworks to be discovered :)
I like these last two photos more for the beautiful Burrard Bridge,
than the fireworks .
That was our day yesterday, another good one.  To check out other days in cities across the world, perhaps you will find time to read some of the posts on Mami's meme, Sundays in my City.  Have a wonderful day, everyone! Joe, if you are reading this, feel free to lift the photographs and share with other participants.  There will be a post on facebook later today with many, many more pictures.  Congratulations to you and to each Skillz participant!


  1. lots of great 'on the fly' shots of the acrobats! strength, balance, agility and daring. :) nature isn't easy to see, sometimes, but everyone needs to eat and feed their young.

  2. You have some terrific action shots here, all wonderful. As for the eagle carrying off the poor wee baby seagull, hard to see but such is the cycle of life. Not easy to observe but all creatures need to hunt to survive and feed their young. It is nature's way. Your other photos were also impressive, sweet little girl on the steps, the birds and I loved the firework show with the bridge in the foreground.

  3. Great action shots, people and birds. I enjoyed all the photographs very much.

  4. Wow those youngins' have some serious athletic ability!! Wow.

  5. Incredible feats and incredible moments of nature all together. Add art and your guy and you have the makings of an amazing day!