Sunday, July 20, 2014

Full Vancouver Day

A visit from Phyllis, Bill's sister, brought laughter, a great excuse for some play in the train museum and then some more play outdoors in the area around The Roundhouse.  She brought her husband (he is just below the pictures of Phyllis and Bill) and her two grandsons with her. To say they enjoy trains would be an understatement.  I think Uncle Bill might have some "train" genes there as well, but I'll leave you to decide that from the photos below.  

Do you think Phyllis enjoys being a grandma much? :)

Note the guys carrying kid and camera gear :)

I think the photos speak quite well, all on their own, but I do want to wish M, the younger of these two happy and most fortunate boys, a very, very happy 3rd birthday.  Guess where they will be going to celebrate.  Yup!  You guessed it.  Another train museum.  I am so happy that they found time to visit us before carrying on with their very, very active lives.

After a short rest, Bill, Black Jack and I were ready to go again.  We rode our bikes to Harrison Galleries, enjoyed our treats, worked on a crossword and then continued on to the waterfront by Canada Place.  I loved the patterns in some young seagulls,   
and we both enjoyed watching planes take off and..
cruise ships depart, the one below with "Holland America Line" identifying it, 
and this one titled "Crown Princess".
The ships were very large, and only my biggest lens was working, so partial views were the best I could manage.   
Across the water, we could see North Vancouver and the North Shore mountains.
Black Jack rode happily in her basket, 
where she had a perfect view of the long grasses on the side of Canada Place and.. 
the bike route we were about to follow.
Bill requested a guy shot here..
and I had fun playing with the various lines and patterns.
We continued just a bit further along the bike path,
and then stopped so Black Jack could have a bit of run-around time.  We waited first for this very happy dog to have a great roll..
and we took a moment to admire a couple of houseboats moored among the yachts.
Black Jack had a great time.
She ran practically right into my camera, in her enthusiasm.
We came across a tiny pond that yielded some lovely bird action.  Our bikes waited..  
 while we enjoyed this Red-winged blackbird.. 
with unusually speckled patterns.
There was also a mama duck on the other side of the pond..
and we were thrilled to see this Cedar Waxwing.
Black Jack lay happily on Bill's knee..
while I took photos of a heron on the other side of the pond,
the mama duck and some reflections.   
The heron coming right towards me, and then over my head, was a surprise.
Mrs. Duck looked slightly different that most mallards.  I'm wondering if ..
she may have been another species, but whatever she was, 
she and her brood were delightful to watch.
A few more reflections..
from the other side of the pond..
one little mystery bird..
with a mystery..
one quick shot of a sparrow (or female redwing?), hiding in a thicket..
and a couple of final shots of the Cedar Waxwing..
landing pretty much right at my feet, and then it was time for a great ride home.
Supper, a short evening walk (with no camera!), some reading, and we called it an excellent day.  I'll share it with Sundays in My City (thank you, Unknown Mami).  Thank you so much for stopping by.  Happy Sunday to each one of you!  


  1. the waxwings are so pretty. cute little happy, explorer boys. :)

  2. Great bird shots! Your new lens must be working well. The mystery bird is the English House Sparrow. Once extremely common but down here at any rate they are being pushed out by the house finches.

    1. Thank you so much, Chris. Along with the many other reasons why I enjoy you and your blog, I love that you are such a great source of information about bird and plant life!

  3. The birthday party at the Burnaby trains was wonderful fun for about 16 adults and and children. I do not know who had more fun... the children, the adults or the senior engineers who drive the wonderful little trains. Maxie is fully three!!!

  4. That was a great day out and everyone had lots of fun.

  5. Looks like a beautiful day! I love trains and it seems like all generations enjoyed them.

  6. Wow! What a wonderful series of photos! It does look like a wonderful day.