Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ben LOVES snow!

I met Ben today (Thursday) while out for a walk with Black Jack.  As we rounded the corner, I saw him burrowing his nose as far into the snow as he could possibly get.  Everything about his posture said, "Man, this is fun!  You guys should try it!" When he came up for air, it seemed as if every hair on his happy head was coated in the white stuff.  His human could only laugh, as she tried to urge him to continue his walk.  I asked if it would be okay to post a couple of pictures, and she kindly agreed, so here is Ben, with a full head of SNOW.  

And here he is after a bit of a shake.
And the full body experience.  
While I was out, I took a few pictures to record what I think is the most snow I can remember in Vancouver.  The difference from other years is that it's not going away any time soon, because it's co-o-ld (for Vancouver).  I liked the orange of these berries.  They brought back memories of the good old Autumn color days.  Barely a month ago, that was.  But okay, I admit it.  If it weren't for missing the bike, I'd be enjoying this snow..  not as much as Ben, and I won't go digging my nose in it any time soon, but it does have its charms.  
I don't really have any pictures of Black Jack from today's walk, but I do want to make note of the fact that she's turning out to be quite a happy little snow dog.  Now, we're not talking Ben's degree of snow love, but still, she pranced out with what I would have to describe as enthusiasm today.  Maybe, she noticed that less leaves equals a better view for squirrel searching.  Whatever the motivation, it was nice not to have to coax her along. 

I can't help but hope that the snow will slip away, like a polite visitor, before it completely wears out its welcome.  But I know Ben would urge it to stay on just a while longer.  And I'm the first to admit, Ben's enjoyment today colored my world happy too.  Thanks for making me laugh, Ben.  It was great meeting you, and your human too.

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  1. There was a wheaton terrier (which Ben appears to be) near to our house in Vancouver and he LOVED the snow. His legs would get covered in snowballs so that he looked like he was wearing white leg warmers, but he couldn't have cared less. I don't remember his name.