Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rain Drops

Rain drops caught my attention on a cold, otherwise rather dreary walk with Black Jack this afternoon. I loved looking at these pictures and reliving the sensation of almost touching precious jewels. Still, my whole heart isn't with this post's subject title. Most of it is with the movie Bill and I saw, Saving Luna. It's showing at The Ridge in Vancouver until the 11th of December. Although the Globe and Mail reviewer says little that's positive about it, it has already won 17 awards, and I would say for good reason. Not easy to watch, but a beautiful film that will stay with me forever. The directors are there to answer your questions if you can make it to any of tomorrow's (Sunday) shows.

But back to the rain drops. Maybe, they're not so far removed from Luna after all. There's a strange little connection to the movie in one branch with rain drops shot near the end. And, maybe, the rain drops in these pictures represent a fragile connection to a beautiful mystery of nature that isn't so far removed from the Luna's story.

The one below is my favorite photo of the day. I stopped to touch the dazzling centre of one of the buds in this plant. and the homeowner stepped outside and jokingly told me not to steal it. In a way, I already had, as the droplet pearl disappeared under my touch. Fortunately, he had no problem with my photographing another one on a neighboring branch, and this time, I was much more respectful.

These last two pictures are from my favorite neighbor's back yard again. I haven't shown her this blog, but she encourages me to take as many pictures as I like, and I do sometimes give her copies of the better ones.

Back to the movie, or more accurately, to the subject of human and whale communication. On Labor Day weekend, 1992, I had the experience of swimming with a Beluga Whale that had somehow become separated from its pod. It spent about eight days interacting with people at a beach in Ingonish, Nova Scotia. My time with it was, I think, on its 3rd day. I have tried to write about this experience several times, but have never done the story justice. I will try again, one of these days, in this blog, because it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish what really happened from the dreamlike events of my memory, and because I feel compelled to get it right.

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