Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kenya at Bridgeman Park

Today, we took Black Jack for a walk in Bridgeman Park, North Vancouver.  She led Bill down to the river's edge, and I saw these two dogs.  I snapped a photo, and then saw their human approaching.  I told her that I had taken the photo, and offered to post it on the blog or send it by e-mail.  She said she didn't have a computer, and I commented that she probably had lots of pictures of her dogs anyway.  When she told me she actually had very few, and that Kenya (on the left) was 14, I took more pictures, and told her I would post them.  She was hoping to see them on a friend's computer.  Some of them are quite similar, but I posted most of the ones I took, so the best ones can be selected.  I thought Kenya looked very young, healthy and spunky for 14.  Here, she is.  What a good-natured and sweet dog!  I cannot remember the name of the other dog, nor can Bill.  We both thought we might have heard Trig or Trick.  If anyone knows, it would be great to either confirm or correct our guess. 

...and a couple of Trig?  Trick?

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