Friday, December 12, 2008

Taste of holiday

Black Jack says this is your fault, Food Lady. You and your gang asked for snow and look what happened! She just wants to let you know that this is as much of her body as Carol could manage to photograph as she raced inside from her half-second-flat poo this morning. She says, "I hate rain and I hate snow even more. Please tell your gang to ask for some summer weather back, since they seem to have more influence over the forces of nature than I do. Thanks, food lady. I appreciate it!"
As for me, classes are finished but I still have reports to do. That's a good thing and a bad thing. With classes finished, I can stay home and work on the reports, but the down side is, I have such a taste of holiday in my mouth, it's really hard to focus on work. Progress is really, really slow here, and I find myself taking full advantage of every chance to procrastinate. Yesterday, I went to the gym, had a superb Wicked latte, and on the way back home to do reports, had to stop on Point Grey Hill to photograph these crows. Note: Arthur made the latte. I've since learned his name since writing that blog entry. All lattes are great at The Wicked, but he makes the best.

Then, I checked out the mountains. I saw some snow there, food lady. Did you really need more?

After only moderate success with reports, and frequent naps, I headed out for an evening walk with Black Jack. She was keen. Cold isn't so bad - wet is the problem. Back in our yard again, I decided to catch a photo of the full moon, one day early, but who's counting?

Does anyone see a horse in the picture below? Bill did, and now, I can't see anything else. I'll give you a hint. The head is at the right. It was taken by the tree in front of the house, as we were leaving for supper at The Foundation and a latte afterwards at JJ Bean. (I told you the holiday attitude has hit big time.)

Here is Bill's reflection in the fireplace, times two, at the JJ Bean coffee shop on Main at 14th. I'm sitting beside him, enjoying my latte and his image.
And one more Bill image.
Here is Bill's small, nonfat, decaf latte. Isn't it beautiful?
And my large, nonfat, caffeinated one, minus a couple of sips. Below that, are two photos taken back in September when I was originally going to post a coffee blog. Note the raspberry crisp, one of JJ Bean's most delicious treats. The barista was super friendly, and put a lot of TLC in each latte. I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten his name, but the next time I see him, will ask and then update this blog.
Okay, blog break is over, and gym break about to begin. Then will probably be the latte break, and at some indeterminate time after that, I will go on to reports for class number 3.


  1. I adore the pictures of the crows! I love crows and think they are possibly the most beautiful bird :) I really like the full moon pictures, and can definitely see the horse! Like you say, it is impossible to see anything else now that it has been pointed out!

    The lattes do indeed look beautiful, like works of art. I wish I knew how to make such a lovely looking drink. You've inspired me to go make a bedtime tea :)

  2. I must say - I sure don't miss those reports! Now I get to fill in numbers that correspond to prewritten comments. Phew... and only one needed per student. Happy procrastinating!

  3. Heheheheh - we are kindred spirits! I, too, find tons of other things to do when I am avoiding school-related work at the end of term. Enjoy yourself - the reports will get done on time, even if you have to pull an all-nighter!
    Black Jack can come visit here - we have NO snow, surprisingly! I'm up in the hills above Mission where we usually get much more snow than the valley and city dwellers.

  4. Thanks, Jen! Lovely to get your comments. Cristina, I remember doing those number comments. Oh, how I miss them right now! Jean, I think I could give you a run for your money in the procrastination department, but love your comments too. Thanks!

  5. Ever since you dropped by 'Main street' in September I've been feed reading your blog. Glad you enjoyed your drinks and have a good holiday.

    - Jesse

    ps. Your dog looks like a lot of fun!

  6. Jesse! That's your name! I was really annoyed with myself for forgetting it. Thank you so-o-o much for dropping by. I just found your comment today (the 28th) and will post a comment to your blog - a really interesting one, by the way. Bill and I just had a latte on Main Street last night. Man, it was good. You guys are right up there on our favorite latte list. Hope we'll see you again one of these days.