Thursday, December 4, 2008

Clouds and sunsets at school

On Wednesday, I took a few pictures in the afternoon between classes.  White, fluffy clouds in a blue, blue sky.
The river picked up the brilliant blues.
Something about that funny little tree.  Sometimes, I wonder if one day, I'll walk outside and feel that there is nothing new to see.  So far, since doing this blog, there are changes every time I go out with my camera.
I took these today (Thursday) after the last rehearsal for the concert tomorrow.  The crows had already headed East for Burnaby and the geese were flying west, flock upon flock, to their nightly roost.  

I hated to go inside but there was work to do to get the stage area ready for the concert in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon, I will show my music classes the film Billy Elliot.  The staff party is tomorrow night.  The semesters fly by so quickly, and this one feels as though it had just begun.  Just one week to go before the break.

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  1. Those sunset shots are absolutely beautiful Carol! They make me miss the Ocean!!