Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunday Sunset

On Sunday, I biked to school to do a choir rehearsal for the concert on Friday.  As I was leaving our yard, I saw this spider web.  It took me some time to get the picture.  With the sky in the background, the web was invisible.  I had to back up until the house across the lane could act as a backdrop.  Beautiful web, but not an insect to be seen.  Poor spider.

After the choir practice, I walked down to the river by the school.  Along came  Hudson.
Happy, happy Hudson.
I decided to stop off at the Fitness World gym in North Van, before heading home.  Along Lower Capilano Road, I stopped to watch some crows in a tree, and caught most of this one's silhouette.     
After working out, I was getting on my bike to return home, when I saw this.  The photo is taken from the parking lot by Fitness World.
This is taken along Lower Capilano.  The Lions Gate lights are faintly seen behind the tree on the right.
Also taken from the Lower Capilano
These next two were taken from Welch Street, with a view both under and over the bridge.

The last picture is taken from the bridge.
The spectacular day wasn't over yet.  I met Bill at The Wicked, and got to relive the sunset several more times as I showed him the pictures. 


  1. OMG, those sunsets are spectacular! My one regret of living where I do is that I don't get to see the full sunset - just the teasers over the top of the hills. Only when I get lost trying to take a detour home do I see the full scope of their beauty. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome. It's fun to have someone to show them to. I thought of you as I snapped those photos.

    You will just have to get lost more often:) I loved your description of that last one.