Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Play Time with Bill

So, what's on TV today?
Not a whole heck of a lot.
Just branches with no squirrels.  Bo-o-oring.
And the nose prints on the screen really are a bit much.
Hey Black Jack.  You a bit down?  Want a neck massage?Or maybe a chiropractic treatment?
I'm at your service.  Aw.  Thanks.  Good to know you understand your job.
Oh, yes!  But can you get inside?
They smell pretty healthy to me.  Let me check the taste.
Okay, Bill.  Show me your stuff.
Come on!  I said show me your stuff.  I can take it.
Oh well.  A massage break would be okay.
Darn.  My lip seems to be stuck.
Phew.  I think he fixed it with that bum rub.  I wonder if he'll do my belly if I stick my leg out.
There he goes again.  What's with the tip of the ears thing?  I'm not sure I look my best.
Let's get back to business.
Not again!
This is getting embarrassing.
Maybe I'll have better luck with the ball.
Come on, Bill.  I'm ready for you!
Maybe this'll get him going.
That's it.  Game over!


  1. What a cutie.

    All of our dogs know the command "fix your face" which means "your lip is stuck on your tooth so lick your lips to unstick it". Keeps them from looking too embarrassing in public.

  2. That's hilarious. First time I've heard that particular command:) I've never noticed the lip stick phenomena in any of my previous dogs, so it really amuses me.

  3. What cute shots!! My dog Kodiak used to get his lip stuck like that... I always called it his Elvis look :)