Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday evening to Sunday morning

Bill took this picture of Black Jack yesterday when he took her for her afternnoon walk.  It was cold, but no white in the background here.  
He also took this picture, just to record that growth is still happening.  As Jean said, a promise of Spring.
While Bill looked after Black Jack (Thank you, Bill!), I went downtown to the gym, and then biked around to check out the area.  My fingers were so cold, I didn't take many pictures.  Looking at Food Lady's last blog entry  I found yet another reason to admire her work.  How did she deal with the cold while she took all those pictures???  I did find one juvenile seagull to admire.  It never moved from that spot - I guess it was waiting for Mom or Pop to bring some food.
There it is again.  As you can see, a cold, grey day, but no snow in the background.
Suddenly, there was lots of seagull action in the sky, and my subject called out what I think was a hurry up reminder. 

I liked this little waterway.  I can't even tell you exactly where it was.  I just went down to the water from the gym on West Georgia and followed the path to my left.  After taking that last picture, I headed to Burrard and 5th to meet Bill for a latte at the Elysian (more another time on this 3rd of my latte haunts), and the movie, Milk, around the corner at Fifth Avenue Theatre.
But last night, Black Jack looked out the window, and decided an indoor play with Bill would be just fine.
The good thing is that unlike her reaction the other day to very wet blobs of new snow melting on her back and disappearing into the green grass, she seems somewhat more resigned when the entire surroundings become white.  She at least took time to check out the backyard perimeter, before heading in this morning.

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